Removing A/C

Anyone done this?

Any idea of the gain? I really hate A/C in the first place, looking for a little less stress and a tad more gain on the engine if not power at least response. Not to mention the A/C on this car is heavy.

i’ve done it. i did it when i lived in alaska…and now my car is in florida. in the summer it kind of sucked, but its not that bad with the windows down. the power increase is not noticable…but the handling was much better with it out. its 38.4 or 34.8 (i don’t remember) lbs…and that weight sits above the CoG and well fore of the front wheels. my car only weighs 2240, and i’ve noticed a lot more handling advantages to the weight reduction than i have performance…although with all the weight reduction i’ve done, it’s worth about 12 horse power. its an easy mod to do…took me 30 minutes with air tools, a car lift, and a grinder to cut the lines out. i had an awesome write up with pictures and all on zx2-riders…maybe dan backed it up and can post it up on here now.

what about the belt did you have to do anything? I’m very interested in doing this. By the way stock ZX2 is around 2500lbs, what have you done for reduction to get it THAT light?

I have seen this mod, most people get a A/C bracket with a pulley on it that spins freely. This way you can use the same belt.

Hmmmmm I like that idea.

yeah that’s what i did. the pulley comes on a real lightweight aluminum bracket too. be sure to chase off any burrs from the new pulley though. some people don’t know to do that, and i’ve seen 'em go through belts fast. with my UDP, ODP, and a/c elim pulley i’ve done it and my belt is still running strong…70,000 miles on it.

as for my other weight reduction:

zxtuner 4-2-1 header
c/f hood
a/c elim
all heat sheilds and dampers pulled
resivoirs gone
pass airbag gone
trunk gutted
lightweight 17" rims
and when i weighed it and when i race, its with the pass seat and back seats and carpet out.

there are other tricks i use…other things i’ve taken out, but those are a secret for now :wink:

gah, no fair :frowning: I’m shaving it down for autocross, but thanks for those tips :slight_smile: