Recent Car Commercials

So I was watching the Bills Game on Sunday when I saw a commercial for Volkswagen. The car show 2 guys in a Jetta driving done a street talking. The passenger points out something to the driver and becomes distracted. While distracted, another car backs out of a driveway and the driver of the Jetta turns his head just in time to slam on the breaks. But the Jetta ends up hitting the rear end of the other vehicle. After that you see the 2 guys overlooking the damage and happy they lived through the experience. Volkswagen’s goal is to show you how you will survive a collision in their vehicle.

Now this isn’t the first commercial I have seen where an accident happens while in a Jetta. There are a few others that show how people have survived because they were in “in one of the safest vehicles on the road.”

What they want you to think:
Wow, I can afford this car and it could end up saving my life if I were involved in an accident.

What I think:

  • Jetta drivers don’t know how to drive and cause accidents, because every commercial shows a Jetta in an accident. At least Cadillac shows the vehicle avoiding accidents.

Any other thoughts about this or are there any other commercials you like and why.


Heres another Volkswagen one.

Sting (or some other musician I cant remember) is playing guitar next to a Volkswagen. FirstAct guitars is also teamed up with Volkswagen. So the idea is Buy a Volkswagen get a guitar to play through the stereo.

What they want you to think:
Get a Volkswagen and Guitar you will be a rock god:

What I think:
Its alot easier to play Guitar Hero II then it is to play actual guitar. Why not give away a video game that you can actually play out your childhood fantasy of being a rock legend?

oh to re-inforce what Nick is saying:

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VW Commercial #1
Now here is a video that shows how Volkswagen drivers aren’t aware of their surroundings. Note the light is green in the intersection, but the car comes from behind a bus. Sorry, but I would have noticed the bus and would have seen the car. You should make a quick look both ways, but VW drivers seem to forget.

VW Commercial #2
Now this woman pulled a definite NO, NO. She stoped in the middle of an intersection. This my friends is illegal, need I say more?

In all fairness its not only VW drivers that do those things. But to critique VW’s commercials they ‘highlight’ their drivers inattentiveness. Drivers Wanted… to pay attention.

It seems like they are starting to cater to those who don’t pay attention, or worse, those who don’t want to pay attention. Think about it. One of the major reasons if not THE reason to watch what the road is to prevent either A: long lasting injuries from a crash, or B: death from a crash. Its the whole fear motivating action thing. Of course you factor in 80% of humanity being stupid and not wanting to come out of said state of stupidity, and you get the driver of a VW:

“HEY! Now even if I don’t pay attention I’ll still come out ok! SWEET!”

Jeze. Anyone remember Jerry Seinfield’s bit on helmets and the helmet law?

again in all fairness to VW. They are just the 1st to display this in their ads. In reality there are other drivers of other manufacturers that are just as unsafe.

BTW a predecessor to this ad was of 2 terroists trying to blow them selves up and the car containing the explosion. quite amusing but quite inappropriate at the same time.

I remember that. Quite funny.