rebuilt tran.

I had a rebuilt tran done about 10,000 miles ago. I have check engine light PO751 (shift solinoid # 1 failure). It came on at about 5000 miles. I have taken it back to the shop several times (for the same code). He said he has put new solinoids in it and even a new valve cover. About 500 miles ago (shortly after he put the valve cover on it) the tran slipped really bad. It has always had rough shift in the very low gears since the original rebuild. After the last go around (after it slipped bad), the mechanic states “this is a bad vehicle for transmissions” and that no matter what he does it wont fix it. I am so frustrated. I have two thirds the money in this car then it is worth. Does anyone have any ideas, thank you.

Sounds like he cut a seal during the overhaul. Either that or he has something wrong with the valve body assembly. As for the code, most likely a bad solenoid harness. These are not “bad” transmissions, any transmission will suffer from abuse, lack of maintenance, overheating etc. As for the proposition that there is nothing he can do for it, all he is really saying is that he is not in possession of the necessary technical skill to resolve the problem. There is a whole lot more to rebuilding a transmission than just taking it apart and putting it together with fresh “stuff”. Being that I work in a full service shop, the demands of internal auto trans. repair is one of the reasons that I farm that out to our local expert tranny shop. I stick to the R&R of the unit.