Rear Disc Question

How easy is it for you to get ahold of rear disc kits down there, if possible at all?

There’s a post in that forum where we went off about this. It’s pretty easy 'cause down there 4-wheel Dics are standard. Therefore quite abundant. Although they can tell you more about it, but I understand they’re easily attainable down there.

  • Darron

Is not a problem to obtein a rear discs system 4 U, if there are new the cost could be around $1,400.00usd, if not new the half. I mean the complete system, calippers, hoses, discs, etc.

hhhmmmm maybe some investigation is required :wink:

yeah it most definately is, i mean 1400 is kind of steep, but its all parts that are meant for the car, no altercations needed.

wanna quotation of those parts? I can have it, my dad works in a Ford dealer agency.

Ok, I’m gonna ask him 4 that info.

anything to report?

I’m sorry I was moving to another house. I’m gonna take that point again.

I’m sure pich will get you your pricing, but you do realize that any dealership can get you new rear disc parts?

Ok, here I am with the info…

Rear discs sys, including:
calipper, pistons,brake linings, hoses, rear disc: $604.20 usd/each wheel, x2: $1,208.40

This information comes from a Ford authorized dealer, but yes you can try with your local parts dealer. I hope this informatioin works 4 U.


i can provide a full rear disc kit for 950.00 includes cross drilled rotors, stainless hoses, performance pads…etc…