Read this or get banned!

Sweet now that I have your attention. Please make sure when posting that you use some what coherent English so the rest of us can read it? Like all the good stuff… paragraphs, sentences, punctuation! I am by no means a English major but please do your best. Makes my head not hurt so much. Plus it makes you as the poster a little more professional. Thanks! Thats it for now! Look back here for more weird requests soon. Thanks,

P.S. I kill a kitten each time you fail to read my posts.!


"English I speach good." lol.
No problem.

PS. Good attension grabber.

Cool, everybudy else is getting banned!!! SWEET!

How many kittens so far? I’m with ya.

I’ve got 5 lined up right now. Just waiting for someone to log in and not read this :wink: lol

I did not think of using my microwave. Thanks for the idea! Blenders are soooooo messy.

wut r u telkin a but? I sprak gud engligh…

eye no ur naht tallking two mii go git uh jahb u meenee

  • Darron

(Look what you started. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

Dart I love it, If the Microwave doesn’t kill the cat the explosion with that animal tag will do the trick… lol

Melinda and little D hate me for having these, but its just so fun!

Hey Darth, pas me one too.