Radiator Hoses

Hey does anyone know what that third hose is coming from the radiator? I know there are upper and lower radiator hoses, but there is a third hose right above the lower radiator hose. Thanks guys.

If its the small skinny one that is for the over flow tank in the far corner of your engine bay. If you are talking about the two small one’s on the bottom that go into it. That is for the transmission fluid to run through the radiator to cool it down(If automatic).

No i’m not talking about the hose to the overflow tank. The one I’m talking about sits directly above the lower radiator hose. I don’t think its for the transmission because i have a manual.

It runs to the passenger cabin wall for the heater.

What is it’s main function?

Goes to the heater core with this allowing heat to be blown by your fan inside the dash causing heat for you.