Ractive Strutbar?

Anyone have one? Notice any difference? Does it fit properly? If not, guess im tinkerin w/ mine when it comes (In kansas city right now, at FedEx)

Shit… straight up. It’s adjustable. Which means not solid. What would you want a brace that isn’t solid. I bought one, then trashed it because it made NO difference. Besides, it doesn’t even fit right.

:cry: Im not really looking at effectiveness (guess it would be ok). O well, just temporary/for looks. I guess Ill have to wait to see if any of the one piecers are going to be made over on teamZX2.

Fabricate your own? Seems steep to spend that one something for looks that just looks cool and have someone ask if it works and you tell them no. lol.

If they ask me if it works, Ill just say, “Do any strut bars really work?” Or ill BS it and say yea.

lol! Most strut bars don’t really seem to make a difference unless you’re driving hard as hell and the strut bar is EXTREMELY rigid, even then you won’t really notice any flex difference, you’ll notice 300,000,000x more difference with changing a few bushings rather than a strut bar. I guess if you really like the look, go for it.

Already ordered it, its in SHAWNEE, KS as of 12:43am this morning. O well, if I dont like it that much, ill just sell it for like $35 or something.

I’ve had one on my car for about 2.5 years now it does help with the steering and did take some twist out of the front. As for not being ridged enough doesn’t seem to be an issue as it is buttoned up real well. Although I do have the sr suspension, energy bushings/endlinks front and rear and the 19mm rear sway off a old scort wagon. I can’t say how much it would help anyone who doesn’t already have a sportier than stock suspension, but I’m sure you prob would see any improvement if at all. Installation was easy and it fit in just fine and the fasteners to adjust it tighten up well enough.