Question about the knocker mod

I plan on doing the knocker mod this weekend and I heard that disconnecting the knock sensor might cause a knocking that is detonation and that this means I have to use a higher octane gas. I know that our motor makes a distinct ticking noise at idl but I was wondering how loud the “ticking” would be if I disconnected the knock sensor. Would it be loud and noticeable? Or do I really have to listen for it? Or should I rev he engine andlisten, or drive it around? Advice greatly appreciated. Thanx.

If you want to desensitise the the knock sensor just wrap the threads in teflon tape that does the same as disconnecting it, but with out the harmful side effects…

I found it impossible to wrap tape around it, since it’s stupid hard to even get your hand in there. Just put in 89 Octane (or higher if you want) whether you tape it up or pull it out, and you’re good to go.

I just run 91 or 93 all the time and have never had any problems…pulls hard and smooth everytime.

I was always told that you should run the lowest octane that won’t cause detonation. An example would be my AV6, which doesn’t have a knock sensor, so it never advances timing. Putting in anything over 87 while under stock compression and natural aspiration results in a loss of power because of the higher octane burning slower and lack of ignition timing.

Taking the knock sensor out basically makes it like my AV6, the difference is that it advances the timing to full, rather than keeping it stupid like how Honda likes it. If you can run safely on 89 with the ignition timing the way it is after taking out the knock sensor, then putting in 91+ will result in loss, since the car won’t advance the timing anymore than it already has.

actually the higher the octane rating the more controlled and efficent the gas burns.

Yeah i always was told the higher the octane the less risk of detonation.


Higher octane fuel is less combustable. Not more. Specificly an octane rating, rates gasoline’s resistance to ignition. More resistance = higher octane rating.

Its only really useful with advanced timing to prevent pre-combustion (detonation). You make more power from the advance timing without detonation than from the higher octane. Detonation is a huge loss power wise and will damage your engine.