Question about Nitrous

I could have sworn that i saw a post or a web site that talked about how nitrous can be a great way to boost HP as long as you knew what you were doing. I searched the forums but i cant seem to find the post, if there even was one haha. But does anyone here have a set up they would like to share, or even knowledge of setting one up on our cars. Any input is great.

just look up nitrous systems for 4 cyl. holley, zex, venom, nx, all make a set up for them and they come with instrucions but if you never done it befor take it to a professional nos isnt something to pplay with

if u have a valve on your fuel rail its easy to run wet

first off nitrous is a good way to make power in limited amount… what i mean is … not to be used all the time … first off do you want a wet or dry system? full throttle engage ? rpm engage ? or button engage ? also make sure you chip is designed for it and that when you do decide to spray that your runing 91+ octane… and i perfer the zex full throttle dry setup myself