question about internals

first question… should i go ahead and do internal work before a supercharger or after?

second question… who makes better internal parts?? and what is the best combo i can do to get the most performance out of my zx??

id do it before … more relible and more boost… but your biggest challenge with our cars is the fuel system … which someone else will school you on due to my laziness… but the internals are far as block work is simple to get because they share the same with the fuckus … i do belive you can use the same cams and valves too … dont hold me to that tho im not sure… of course i also just gave up on the little 4 so im probably not the best source of info

You can use a Focus block

The head will not work. I believe the issue is the lineing up of holes on the intake manifold and there is also a size difference which will change the timing. So don’t use the head.

I do believe the bottom end can be swaped out too.

The transmission…shaky on this one. I don’t believe you can use tranny without modification.

ok… thanx for the info… but what manufacturer makes the best cams, vavles, etc.?

JE Pistons, you should go with them in my opinion
Also Web Cams and
Eslinger pulleys

What grind are you suggesting?

There are a few companies that make CAMs for the Zx2.
Web Cams
Gude Cams
Crane Cams
Cat Cams
Cosworth Cams
Kent Cams

I’m looking to goto a Stage 2. I know I would want more than Stage 1. But Stage 3 might be more than I want…but I’ll test the water at Stage 2.

The only cam I would put in is the high torque(probably not spelled right) intake cam because of the VCT, Which I dont know much about.

Just do a VCT delete.

i have the ford racing stage 2 intake cam in the car i am very satisfied w/ the performance of it … the valves will swap over from the focus (same part numbers). ive posted some the diferences between the difrent cams on here before ill post the info

stock focus intake cam
.348" lift, 202 deg duration @ .050"
crane/ford racing stage 1 focus intake cam
.374" lift and 210 deg duration @ .050"
crane/ford racing stage 2 focus cam
.382" lift with 210 degrees duration @ .050"
stock zx2 intake cam
.367" lift and 214 deg duration @ .050"
zxtuner/web hi torque intake cam
.398" lift and 216 deg duration @ .050"
crane/ford racing stage 3 focus intake cam
.390" lift and 218 deg duration @ .050"
zxtuner/web hi rev intake cam
.400 lift and 227 deg duration @ .050"
zxtuner/web race cam
.395" lift and 242 deg duration @ .050

its some of the cams out there im not shure on the info on the oem exaust cam ive looked and couldnt find any thing on it

Lots of internals
Just some random search on google for rods brought this up, I’m thinking it’s a good find… cranks, pistons, arms… almost the whole rebuild kit… I wish I could afford a full rebuild… but you’re looking at around $1300 just for the pistons and arms… and putting them there by themselves isnt gonna show much of a gain… a little from lightening up the internals… but I bet with those 2 things u could safely push 15 psi with FI… which would place u easily over 200 whp assuming you do it right… Does anybody around here wanna give me about 10 grand, lol.[/url]

I dont know about changing around the inside of our engines, its very costly. I am going to change the pistons out with a set of high compression JE setup. The JE set up is under $500. But I am building an all motor race motor. I know I am not going to be able to hit 200 WHP from an all motor, with out higher compression pistions. If you want to go to a stroker kit your looking at like $2500. I can’t speak for anyone but my self, but I dont have an extra $2500 stuck in my ass. The other thing to keep in mind is the 2.0 Zetec we share with the ZX-3 will stand up to more then 300 WHP as a everyday car. I have also read a book or two about the Focus. I know, I know I did say Focus. But keep in mind we do share the same short block and a few other parts here and there. Anyways I have had read stories of a stock 2.0 Zetecs blocks with more then 500 WHP. All of these engines had wild turbos and other work. But that says alot for how stout the Zetec engine is. We all know Honda can’t hold up to that, with out changing the short block around.

You are not going to find a supercharger for this car. Getting one to fit (fabrication) would cost you upwards of $5000. Just go with a turbo, run it at 6 psi, use a FMIC, bigger injectors, MAF, and dyno tune it, that will make you very happy. If you really want to go faster, then you will have to spend money on the block (over $3000) and over $2000 getting the transmission ready.

I’m with FAST on this one. If you have alot of money to spend on a ZX-2 project then go for it. But other people like me would just go for the 200 WHP range car, and be very happy with that.

Especially if you consider that 200WHP on a car as light as ours would be amazing. (almost double stock, and it’s pretty freakin’ quick stock IMO). So…

  • Darron

You could go 200WHP and then a little bit of N.O.S. on top, just in case you can’t beat that RSX in the 1/4. Just let the juice flow, and that RSX is going to be cry’n when it finds out it was just beat by an Escort.

Did you get that line from Berry Bonds?

No, I have always called N.O.S. Juice. I did not mean to refer to Mr. Juice It Up Berry Bonds.

I would agree with the turbo…(it will be a good while before I get mine all together and in, but working on it) good luck with whatever you choose to do, and post up so others can learn…

only other thing is that while everyone here will help you with any questions you have (helped me a lot so far; thanks guys), however, any opinions given are just opinions. Take all of the latter with a grain of salt; make your car the way you want it, and none of us have any idea of what your means or ideas really are.

oh, there was one other thing…the whole Barry Bonds thing…whether he did or did not has yet to be proven, and regardless of that; whatever is going on now is a witch hunt with Barry…