Question about header needs.

Okay, I’m going to be picking up an OBX header for the ZX2. Before I do though, I’d like to know all the things I’m going to need in addition for the install. For instance, will I need to get a new exhaust system that has a catalytic converter? Will I also need to purchase an “MIL eliminator”? If I do need an MIL eliminator, can that be covered with the purchase of a programmed chip from bamachips or “Vit”?

The OBX is a knock off of Zxtuner’s 4-2-1 header. If you need a CAT in your state, then you will have to fit the CAT in somewhere. Perhaps after the 2-1 merge. I’ve thought of cutting just after the bend and merging for the CAT. That would give me a foot or two closer to the front of the vehicle.

The MIL eliminator will take the place of a CAT.

I believe you can use a SCTx2 to eliminate the CAT, but I would wait till Vit chimes in.

In all honesty, the OBX is just about the crappiest header out there. The Kamikazee header is better in every way.

It’s bigger, has a much better top end, does just as well in the bottom, and is the only header that has a 2.5" collector. If you are serious about engine work, go with that one. You can get one for a little over $200 with the markdown TeamZ members get on PTuning. Talk to Boss on TeamZX2 about it, and he’ll set you straight.

Wow, for just $25 more, I get a better header. I guess I’ll go for that then.

Yeah. It’s pretty silly. If you want something that revs higher, getting a 2.5" exhaust and the Kami might eliminate the need for a new cam. Having the short and fat runners on the header will lift top end a good deal, especially after torque peak. Even though having those characteristics should make it lose some low end, it still does as well as the OBX down low. Which tells me that the Hotshot and OBX are pretty crappy headers to begin with.

Beodude, when you say “talk to Boss”, is that Bos Engel? I can’t seem to find anyone actually named “Boss” over at

Getting long tube headers means I have to move the catalytic converter. I’m going to try to get a MIL eliminator, but I’m still going to want to have a catatlytic converter so I don’t pollute and still pass the sniffer (I know a place that doesn’t care about visual) test. This pretty much means that I’ll be needing a custom exhaust, correct?

It’s BOSS122 or something around there.

Yes. Trubendz sells a catback with cat in place of the resonator. you’ll still need the mil eliminator.

Okay, that’s simple enough, thanks! Now all I need to do is find an MIL Eliminator (zxtuner has been out since I’ve had my car).

zxtuner is back up and running. Actually Rob is a listed vendor on the vendor forum.

Interesting, I got my MIL from ZXtuner last year or the year before… I have the Kamikaze and I like it a lot. Very happy with it.

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Well, I’m pending on a transaction for an MIL that’s on sale at at the moment, so if it all goes well, that’s one part checked off. Then it’s save enough cash for a custom exhaust so that I can use the header… then contact BOSS122 for a Kamikaze at discount.

Anyway, does anyone have a picture of an MIL eliminator? doesn’t have a picture of what it is. I’m also wondering if it’s hard to install, or is it something as simple as the “knocker mod”?

its just a resistor wired into the o2 sensors wires.

I’ll see if I can snap some pics of mine…but yeah, you have to cut the sensor wires and (I) soldered it inline. Plus, the best part of the Kamikaze…if you can afford it, you CAN install it and connect to factory pipes. Although it’s pretty much pointless to do so.

I had my “cat-back” made at a Midas type shop for pretty cheap. Just make sure that they use some quality piping (SS).

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