price for a Focus Central TB??...( Now with other upgrade disscussions)

What would be a good/average price of a very slightly used Focus Central 65mm Throttle body?

… And no I am not selling one. lol

Thanks for the info ahead of time.


They are valued at $399.00 on, but I wouldn’t pay more than $250.00 because a 70mm from is $389.00.

Sweet, I did ok then. I picked it up for 152.50 shipped

Good buy. Tell us how that works out after the install.

Our stock one is like 60mm right?

I can’t remember either. 55mm or 60mm. I’m leaning toward 55mm.

With a 70mm you would need the SCT to reprogram stuff right?

I’m not sure you would have to, but it would be a very good idea!

And I’m pretty sure that our stock tb is 55mm

No and Yes.

No - The MAF will take a reading and tell the injectors to pump more fuel in. As long as the MAF doesn’t max out, you are fine.

Yes - No body I know has put a 70mm TB on a N/A car. So it is unknown if the ECU must be updated. Anyone who has used a 70mm or larger TB has forced induction.

If there were to be a power drop off, it would be noticed is at higher RPMs. That would only matter if the MAF couldn’t register (MAX OUT) the larger volume of air. If this were the case, a new MAF and Wideband O2 sensor would be needed. The ECU would also need to be updated based on the O2 and MAF readings.

How to change/update the ECU…I’m still learning. You would need to ask someone else with more experience than I. I just understand the theory right now.

Mirror, couldn’t you just use SCT to change your ECU?

That’s how I do changes.

You can. I’m just saying that I personally haven’t played with it enough to know how to do it.

Our TB’s are 55mm portable to 57mm approximately.

Now comes the age old question, when would be the best time to upgrade the MAF? I always thought after stronger fuel injectors, but that depends on a few other things too.

Sorry, that was a total thread jack. :smiley:

Jack away, I’m cool with it. To talk about a few things that have come up on this thread.
If you use SCT you can datalog what’s going on with the engine. You can pretty easily find out when it’s time to upgrade things like your MAF (when it pegs max value), Fuel Pump (mine is at 99% I think it’s time for an upgrade) and as far as the injectors go, I think that’s a pretty easy call too when you’re datalogging, if your MAF is not pegged or has been upgraded, the fuel pressure in the rail is good, the pump is not pegged close to 100% but the engine is starving for fuel, it would be a pretty good assumption that you are in dire need of new injectors.

On another note, anytime you upgrade a MAF, or injectors, you should upgrade the programming on your ECU(PCM). Using the Pro Racer Package from SCT is by far the safest way IMO to do this. It’s not the only way, you can use a stand alone system, or go piggy-back system which isn’t a very good option for our pcm’s due to the fact that it “learns” and tries to correct what the piggy back system is doing.

With SCT you apply formula that will take care of the injectors, and there are values available out there for the MAF. From there you can datalog with a wideband or take it to a dyno shop that uses SCT and preferably has worked with foci or ZX2’s. I’ve done almost all my tuning myself, and have adjusted my pcm using the MAF_transfer_function in the Pro Racer package (advantage software) but it takes a lot of reading and playing around to figure out what everything does in the SCT programs. Just take it easy on your beast when doing your own tuning. Read all the formula and tips provided with the Advantage software (actually gives you formula do adjust your maf curve according to a/f ratio and injector trims).

:-o OMG I've jacked my own thread lol :-D
:-o OMG I've jacked my own thread lol :-D

But well put. :mrgreen:

i can get you a 70mm throttle body for 299.00 ford racing my price lol

That’s a good price. I’m not looking to buy anytime soon, but it is in my overall plan.

But this wouldn’t be a direct bolt-on. Some modifications would be needed right? Perhapse a new Intake manifold? Ford Racing says to use their Aluminum Intake Manifold when using the 70mm TB.

funny that you should mention that i have one of those manifolds tooo…

You wouldn’t need to use SCT to change anything with the TB, but your idle might go up a bit because it’s a bigger TB.

The only time you really need tuning is with injectors, MAF or FI. You won’t get as much power without it, but it’s not needed…