Pray for my grandmother.....

Well I guess the title pretty much says it all. Over the last couple of years my grandmothers (mom’s mom) health has been continually decreasing. She has been in a nursing home the couple of years due to a stroke that was improperly treated by EMT’s. I

n case anyone hasn’t had experience with nursing homes heres a run down…

Nursing Homes are:

usually understaffed
usually filthy
nursing staff are usually uncaring (no offense meant to anyone if you know someone that works in one)

We have had many issues with the nursing home that my grandmother is in. This is the same nursing home that my grandfather (mom’s father) went in before he passed away (I was only like 3 at the time, dont remember much). This is also the same nursing home that she worked at for many many years.

The last couple of days my grandmother was admitted to the hospital near the nursing home due to a cut on her leg that became infected. The cut became infected because of improper care at the nursing home, the NH denies it. Proof is in the fact that my grandmother had a bandage on her leg and the NH is telling us they knew nothing about it… bandage didnt just get on her leg…

She has a severe infection, Cellulitis moving from the cut to the her hip. She is in an extreme amount of pain. Anti-biotics are starting to not work. Tonight she told my mother “I’m ready to see the lord”. I’m not ready to let her go.

Please pray for her.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Mark I’m sorry to hear that :frowning: I recently lost my last grandmother… I know how you feel. She will be in my prayers, my hopes go out to you and your family buddy.

my grandmother (nana) was in a nursing home 4 years w/ altimers the place was understaffed but they took great care of her anyway. never a bad word to say aboutr them but maybe u and your parents should look into other homes for your grandma this p;lace doesnt seem to on the up and up

sorry to hear about your grandma mark my prayers go out to you and your family

Sorry to hear about that Mark…my prayers will also go out to your grandmother and your family.

I’m really sorry to hear that Mark; your family is definitely in my prayers bro…

Thanks everyone! I was pretty upset when my mother came home and told us that!

As of yesterday, my grandmother is doing better because they switched the anti-biotic drip. However, the skin tear (i found out it wasnt a cut) had started to blister the rest of the leg. Underside of her leg is completely black…read gangranous. My mother has pictures of her leg… Its not pretty.

She is almost 90 years old, and now on the verge of having her leg amputated.

mark i know its nun of my busniess but i sugest you contact a lawyer on this matter of neglect or maltreatment on the nursing home. This should never have gotten that bad if the hospital is part of the home

hospital is seperate from the home… We are holding off on getting a lawyer involved incase she has to go back to the nursing home.

the unfortunate thing is… the nursing home she is in, is the best in our area, and this is the way they treat their patients.

…I hope your grandmother continues to get better.

Sorry to hear about your grandmother Mark:( I hope that she continues to get better. I hope that everything works out the best for her. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


Unfortunately thats the case with all of the nursing homes that i’ve been aquainted with. My family is unusually old… meaning my dad is turning 60 this year and so the rest of his family is gettin up there and my moms mom is in her 70s … i think… she had my mom when she was 40. Anyways my great grandmother pretty much laid in a nursing home bed and rotted… literally… gangrean( spell check) and all… for her funeral they had to “mummify” the bottom half of her body. So sad. She was basically lifeless for 2 years… Hope things get better. And as for the lawyer thing. IMO i wouldnt sue but i would report them somehow. There are alot of people Loved ones in that nursing home who deserve to be treated better and have no where else to go. Good luck man

Thanks Nikki!

I already realize that most nursin homes are like that, however, the I havent told the complete story of whats going on there. Nursing staff in the home are intentionally ‘forgetting’ things because they dont like the involvement that my family has with ensuring my grandmothers care.

point-in-case, with her leg swelling and becoming gangrenous, They denied that they ever knew anything about her leg having a skin tear on it. Meanwhile, my grandmothers leg had a bandage around where the skin tear is.When asked about it they said they knew nothing about her leg having a skin tear, then they were asked to have the on-staff doctor examine the tear. They did not get the doctor to look at her leg.The nurse that my mother spoke to is the same nurse that my mother has spoken to, and reported, in the past for issues with my grandmothers care. She is the head nurse of the facility also.

I work with the mentally retarded and if we didnt advocate or provide the right kind of care, which the nursing home is not doing, we can investigated for many different types of abuse. The primary abuse at the nursing home is neglect. There is no question about that.

Not all nursing homes are that way…when my g-ma first went to one it was similar to what you’re describing, but then she got moved to a different one and the care was/is supurb. She’s since passed, but my g-pa is still alive and kickin’ there.

  • Darron

P.S. I didn’t read everything, I kinda skimmed most of it because of work…

i agree w/ darron my g-ma was in one a good one at that everthought she had autimers they still fixed herhair and got her dressed everyday and talked to her as if she could ansewer them…
my mom works at a nursing home at hers they are held accountable 4 every patient’s needs if something is done or not done thers a paper trail to back it up or explain the reasoning and such

Again thanks for everyones support… My grandmother is again not doing so well after a brief period of getting better.

I know not all nursing homes are like this, however, for this nursing home, which is known as the best in our area, to have people like this is appauling. If I even tried this at where I work I would be fired, if not put in jail.

Their neglegence has put my grandmother in the hospital…

I lost my lovely grandmom a year ago, I undestand your feelings about thehealt of your grandmom, member God is the only one who knows about our future in land, we will be close to our people always.