Powder's UDP group buy round 2 **6 left from round 1**

This is the second group buy on my UDP. I need around 25 people. I will have about 6 pulleys left from the first group buy so if you want one of those don’t bother posting in here. If you posted on teamzx2 please don’t post again.

Some facts:

dyno proven 5 peak whp and 7 max whp
smallest udp in existence for zx2
i ran/run mine w/ a big stereo and no odp
will need money up front
price: $85 shipped to your door. Includes Gatorback belt.

Payment instructions:

  1. Label all payments, 2nd UDP group buy

  2. Money for all orders must be in by Friday the 30th of December.

  3. first of all, no matter how you pay you need to include your name, address, name on the forums and which forum.

  4. for those of you using paypal: sober_irishman420@yahoo.com

5.for those of you mailing payment: NO PERSONAL CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS ONLY
send to: Matthew Wall (udp), 2804 12th Ave. Ct. NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335

no one huh?

Sorry, already have a Esslinger pulley. And next Spring, I’m looking at getting a SC and will have to go back to my Stock UDP anyways. But thanx Powder.

You don’t have to go back to stock. You can, but you don’t have to.

Out of curiousity are these still for sale or what?

PM me if so.

As an owner of one of Powders UDP’s I can vouche that these are excellent parts and only take about 45mins to throw on. No one should hesitate to get one!! lol!

Where do I get them though? Are these still for sale? Im really interested in getting an UDP before orafter X-MAs.

He is extremely active over at teamzx2.com. PM him there.

I totally agree!!!

I need another for a project car, are anymore left?

this thread’s over 3 years old man

LOL my bad. I’ll just email him