Potential problems with Essy head

Well as some of you know, the Z is under a major (for me anyway) engine modification. One of the things that are being changed is the head.

I’m going with the Esslinger head and deleting the VCT. One small problem has come up though, and a big thanks to Roush and John P. for getting me the info to get the swap finished.

In response to their help I’m making this thread to inform others of any potential problems that may come up during the swap.

Here is the first and so far only problem that I’ve encountered.

Under the cam gears there are two pulleys (Pic enclosed)

on my essy head the hole for the idler pulley just isn’t there!!! Yep that’s right, no hole for pully B. I was pulling out my hair trying to figure out what was/is wrong with the head other than the obvious. They bolt up exactly so I know it’s the right head. As far as we can tell it was a mistake on Esslingers part. When they did the head, they forgot to drill the hole. There is a mark where the pulley should be but it isn’t drilled. Easy fix… Drill the hole yourself.

I’ll update this thread if there are any more problems that arise
I also hope I’m the only person to run into this issue

what not get in touch with Essy about it? Unless you ahve the right bits to drill the aluminum and thread it proper you might want them to do it or take it to a machine shop.


  • Darron

we offer a zx2 head without vct that doesn’t have the esslinger kinks…