Possibly getting a tattoo.

been thinking about it for a while. i’ve never been the type to consider it, in fact, i did tattoo design for a little over a year and thought I’d never want one, just wanted to design them.

I’m only going to go into this here because a lot of you are very good friends, so I don’t mind sharing the meaning of this with all of you.

Well… last 7 years of my life has been difficult, lots of hell to go through, done a lot, seen a lot, and put up with a lot, but a lot has changed, for the better and the worse. One of my favorite bands, Becoming the Archetype wrote a song that put words in their place for my own experience called “The Trivial Paroxysm” which broken down, trivial is every day, all the time… and paroxysm means a sudden attack or outburst, etc… In other words, everyday struggle. In the last 7 years i’ve had suicides in my family, people die, people leave me, horrible relationships, nearly losing everything i have at one point, but at the same time managed to keep my head up and got through it. Anyway… The lyrics are as follows:

So it begins
And I am surrounded by my enemies
Darkness seems like my closest friend
Suffering and waiting for you
Each breath feels like my last
But that won’t stop me
I’ve seen the way it finds
I won’t give up
Carry on til then
And though I’m incapable of sustaining myself even for a moment
I will outlive time
Carry on

So basically the song is about going through a lot, and through it all God making it possible to keep going, and in the end, outliving time (in eternity in heaven). putting up with everything, for the end.

Its a very religious tattoo, yet at the same time very personal to me as a reminder of the loved ones i’ve lost, and the things that have happened, that i’ve done, endured and will continue to for the rest of my life.

The tattoo would say “The Trivial Paroxysm” with part of this picture, particularly the angel fighting the demon on the lower left half… with the words “I will outlive time” below the picture.



on the psychology behind the tatoo… Your only going to be happy with the tatoo if its really what you want to do.

my honest opinion is that tatoo’s should be gotten to represent something special, significant or important. In your case, the last several years of your life and the ongoing struggle that you will have to endure in the future. I think it says alot about your character. That your a survivor and that you can be a rock for your friends and family during those trying times. Life is a Trivial Paroxysm, the fact that you know and can expect that puts you ahead of the game.

I say go for it.

I fully agree with Mark. Only do it if you really want to. I think its cool that if you do get it its to represent what you have been through and that faith in God is what has pulled you through:)
Good luck with your decision dude:)


Thanks you two :slight_smile: I appreciate the feedback. I have friends who get the happy smiley face stuff, and thats fine, but I don’t know, something about their art on here stuck out to me and has for a while. I’ve been thinking about this one for a long long time, and finally decided the other day “Ya know, I think I may really want to carry through with it”, I just never told anyone up to this point.

This type of music has been a part of my life for a very long time. was raised on it by my uncle, he taught me guitar and how to jam along to some metal and was a motivating person in my life and he taught me a lot, he committed suicide :frowning: unfortunately when i was 13… Hence, 7 years later I’m still a metal head. The music means a lot to me, so do the lyrics :slight_smile: So the album art along with the song itself are not only just a reminder of the music, but the meaning, that part of my life, the things i’ve been through in that part of my life, and the rest that i’ve already explained above.

Thanks for your support, you both rock. And Mark, I still need to ship you a bottle of wine my friend :slight_smile: But I’m almost out :frowning: Time to make more. I think i have enough to spare for ya though :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know you play guitar! Thats awesome, we will have to jam if I ever get out there.

I have never been in your situation but I can tell that your uncle was a very influential person in your life. Let the good memories outweigh the bad.

I too am thinking of getting a symbolic tatoo. Mine is going to be a custom tatoo. The top of teh tatoo is going to be a picture of my dog, Pandora. A picture was taken a few years ago where she was laying over my mother while in our lounge chair. The picture was pretty cute.

Coming down from under pandora is going to be a field of grass and flowers. In the field im going to have a head shot of my grandmother, my sister dog lillie mae who passed away (very sad story that I was the cause of).

From there I dont know what im going to do.

Well I know it sounds like I may be getting this tattoo as a reminder of the bad things, but its just as much good as it is the bad. To be honest…

All these people were wonderful people in my life, I want a way to show my respect to them as well as remember them, as well as remember what i’ve gone through as a reminder of how far I have come, etc… its a half half sort of situation. :slight_smile: Though no one on the street or otherwise will look at it and go “Wow, that angel fighting the demon is cool, and that text must mean (insert meaning)” its something personal and religious and meaningful to me, but if they ask, I will tell :slight_smile:

By the way Mark thats a cool idea :slight_smile: You going to draw it yourself?

if I drew it myself it would be stick figures. ROFLMAO!

Here, i’m a pro.


Good God you should take your act on the road. lol

Derek the tatoo does symbolizes what you went throught over the years. Go 4 it buddy!!! Its means somthing so it’s all worth it. Mine symbolises my family and my HIstory, and ive never regreatred them

I’m not one for tatoos, but I’m not opposed to other people getting them. I know a lot of hard core Christians that have tatoos, and actually know a pastor that also works as a tatoo artist, and I think he even owns the joint. As long as you know what it means, that’s what matters, and if it’s helpful to you more power to you. It can also be a great ice breaker and lead to fruitful discussions. I sometimes wisht that my life had been a bit rougher/tougher just so I could do something like that, but at the same time I’m extremely grateful that I’ve been blessed with the family I have.

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I love BTA!!! thats freaking awesome man.Those are some badass Christians!!! I had the chance to meet them last year RIGHT after that album came out. The guitarist gave me the pick he used that night at the show. THEN I lost it about two days later. I almost cried!!! You should check out Demon Hunter if you like BTA. I prosmise you love them too.

I’m big on tattoo’s so I say GET IT. You only live once and be proud of who you are by showing it in ink. I have the words “STRAIGHT EDGE” on my chest is celtic lettering really big. 8)

Just make sure who does it is really good and clean. I’m gonna make a trip next year and have “Kat” from Maimi ink do some work on my back and stomach. Let me know how it ends!!!

Awesome to hear of another BTA fan :slight_smile:

I already have all the Demon Hunter cds, they’re awesome as well, you listen to Zao by chance?

I believe i may have found a good and reputable artist.

:shock: hell yeah, I listen to Zao. Man, you need to check out my friends band. They are signed with Facedown records, they are called "Nodes of Ranvier" There newest albulm is REALLY good. I became really good friends with them about a year ago when they were on tour with "Sinia Beach" and needed a place to stay. Now they blew up big and they still are kick ass dudes. :D

m/ :twisted: m/

Rock and Roll!

I had been talking about getting a tattoo for quite a while, and it wasnt until my fiance was taken from me that i found the idea for the tattoo i wanted. When i came upon the idea, it was almost like it just clicked, i knew that that was what i wanted. After i came up with the idea, i started to tweak things and add little bits that mean alot to me, but not specifically something other people could notice. Anyways, after getting the outline for the tattoo, it feels amazing. To see the half finished product, and the fact that i have it forever gave me an amazing feeling.

Anyway, the idea you have for the tatto with the angel fighting the demons, is an awesome one, and ive actually been thinking of one just like that. Some of the coolest looking pictures like that are of Michael the Archangel. Just do a google image search, and a whole bunch of variants come up. And remember, you can bring an IDEA to a tattoo artist, and they can usually draw some pretty stunning things. Dont think you have to go there with a finished picture. Ive noticed that when you let the artist get creative with it, they become more attached to the project.

Simply stated, GO FOR IT!!

PS - Here is mine, which is soon to be colored


Haha, once you start, you can’t stop, Derek.
I’m terrified of needles (due to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasovagal_syncope ), and I’ll be getting my second tattoo when I go home on leave in August.

(BTW, Both of mine are Christian. 8) )


My First


My Next

iownurface im glad to here you got that tatoo i remember you spoke of it. It look great a fitting tribute to you fiance.
And derek not to take away from your pic or decision but do look nto michael the archangel some drawings of him date back to davince and michael angelo

but heres a pic of mine


my familys coat of arms 14 century ireland


my familys cross same time period and the celic knot means clan of tribes

awesome! I have always wondered what my families coat of arms looked like… I know my father has traced my families lineage back to the great city of alexandria.