Poor empty forum..

I felt bad for the empty forum, so I put a post in it… though I do have a good question… sorta. I know if I tried to turbo a Z, (yeh right), I would have to build up the bottom end of the motor… and how might I ask might I go about doing that?

Well, actually, unless you intend on running more than 8 lbs of boost, you don’t need to change the emgine’s internals.

Now, that being said, should you still wish to build up the bottom end, you will need to replace the pstions & rods with forged replacements. Also, you will need to replace the head studs with stronger ones. For those I suggest ARP. There are a few other things that may need to be done, but I don’t really know.

A thing that most people overlook are piston rings. You’ll need a good set of those.

I’m not positive, but I believe that when you buy forged pistons, you have to buy new rings. I know that the rings came with the forged pistons we used in in my black ZX2 that we supercharged.

i can answer turbo questions, i am building my turbo setup as we speak :lol:

You might be right scott, I just know how a lot of people never mention piston rings in their engine build up and I’ve seen people forget to upgrade em. Then they wonder why they fry up and have to take everything apart again :slight_smile:

Main caps (perf. billet) and Rod and Main Bearings can be upgraded to help to.

Hey im new to the here but from what ive heard you should be able to run 6-7lbs and still keep your longevity

You can run bout 6-7 “Safely” on a stock engine. Just dont quote me on that. People are doing it and getting away w/ it. Then there are people blowing stuff up by doing it. Id say w/ the right tuning, and a good setup, its safe.

Yeah there could always be a flaw in a Rod or something that any amount of boost could bring out but i wouldn’t go much higher then 6-7 unless you gots the money to back it up…just my opinion.

From what I hear, it’s the tranny that goes first.

yea, prolly if you dump your clutch. But yea, id day rods thrown 1st.