plug boots submerged in oil

went to check my plugs today and decided not to since there was about an inch of oil around my plug boots. Could this be a leaky valve cover gasket? Engine is running fine.

Dumb question: Did you check your oil level?

oil level was low so I changed the oil since it was about time anyway. Also I switched to motocraft synthetic blend the oil change before so I wonder if the synthetic oil is making any leak that was present way worse???

BTW nice car

Well, clean the engine off real good. Drive the car around for a week and check for leaks. If there is a leak, make sure you take care of your oil level first incase you don’t get around to fixing the problem right away.

If it is leaking, you may have to re-seal the top to the head. Which should only take you 15-45min depending on how good you are. Make sure you toque the bolts to spec too! Too much or little may cause a problem again.

cool man, thanks for the help

Hopefully all goes well for you. If you run into problems or have questions, feel free to ask. Someone will always help out in this forum.

It sounds like you have a leak in the valve cover. One of the best ways to avoid unneeded and costly repair on something that is leaking, is to first clean the engine. Then go and get a oil dye at your local parts store. Run the engine around town for like 20 mins. Come home and shine a BLACK light over the engine, the dye will light up where ever the leak is at. This is a cheap way of finding any leak without replaceing all of your gaskets and seals. Good hunting