Please - Use your turn signals.

I posted this on a forum I frequently visit that has to do with riding. I wanted you guys to read this, because a lot of people neglect to use your turn signals (can’t point fingers because I’ve never driven with anyone here :stuck_out_tongue: haha) but also, please, be more aware of us motorcyclists.

I'm writing this for all riders, new or for those who think that riding is risky but that nothing can happen to you. Also for those who are afraid who quit riding after they had a close call. For the newbies who ride like squids, this should be a good lesson for you... so here we go.

Well today had wonderful weather. It was 60something outside. I was on a backroad, lots of fields, etc. Lots of nice twisties and had been at mckay creek road in prineville riding for roughly an hour and a half till i hit snow on the road and turned around.

I was on my way back to redmond, maintaining probably 65-70mph. Up ahead was a car in the distance in my lane, a tractor, and 2 cars off in the distance behind him.

As I was starting to go past, he started moving off to the side of the road, I assumed he was moving so that the cars behind him would eventually have room to pass while I passed, thats usually what they do. No sooner had he moved over and I was about 100 meters or less from him, he TURNED. The guy didn’t signal, he didn’t give any sign of doing it, he turned. I KNEW I couldn’t stop in time and would have to go around him, immediately reacting I started slowing down as MUCH as I could before I made the maneuver because he was hauling CULTIVATING BLADES on the back of it. It was as long as both lanes, and when I started to stop there was too much pressure on the rear tire, it locked up and started hopping and sliding. It wasn’t locked up for more than 2 seconds before I let off because at that point the bike was wobbling.

I thought for sure I was going to lowside or highside, either way all I heard myself say was “Fuck.”

However, due to my reacting quickly and letting off, the bike straightened, and I gained control, weaved around these horrifying cultivating blades of death and got around him. The cars behind him were enough distance I got around both without any problem.

It was so close… Had I held on the brake any longer the bike would have slid underneath me, had I not stopped fast enough you’d see 120lbs of human flesh in 20 rings of cultivating blades. Had I been going faster I’d have hit the side of his tractor.

The conditions were right, he reacted in time, I reacted in time, and I lived.

Here’s the thing. Instead of letting this go, I turned around to go have a chitchat with farmer bob. At first, all I felt was rage, this guy almost KILLED me! Then, as I got closer, I noticed he had stopped his tractor and got out, and was WAITING for me. I thought “Well, I want to let this guy see the person he almost killed. Maybe he’ll be more careful next time.”

I put up my visor as I approached him, and as he walked up to me he was crying. It surprised me, I assume he was expecting me to be an asshole or possibly even get in a fight or something. But I said “Hi sir.” he said “I’m so sorry!” I said “Hey, I’m not mad.” as soon as I said that, he calmed down a bit. I just said “Do you realize what you almost did to me back there? Please sir, use your turn signal next time, I had no idea. I almost died back there sir, or could have.” he said (AND THIS IS WHY YOU NEW RIDERS AND RIDERS IN GENERAL SHOULD NEVER ASSUME A DAMN THING EVER) “I was paying attention to the guy behind me. I’m glad you could stop in time, I heard your tires and I knew I had to do something, so I didn’t stop, I kept going and hoped to God you got out of the way, and you did, and I’m sorry.” so I finally said “Sir, don’t worry about it, we are hard to see, and it sounds like you weren’t even looking in front of you, so thank god I wasn’t in my car, i’d be in your tractor blades had I been in my car. But please sir, be more careful.”

We actually shook hands, talked for a few minutes and then I rode off.

The guy almost killed me. All he did was lack to use his turn signal. I could have died. And the more interesting thing is he admitted to not looking in front of him, had it been my car I’d have surely died, those blades were at head level. So this is one of the more odd circumstances where it was GOOD to be on my bike, yet at the same time, so scary. But I came out with nothing but a shook up feeling and thanking God I’m alive, he came out of it realizing he wasn’t being safe but also realized that not all bikers are assholes because I was nice to him, and we parted.

So everyone, please, be careful. Watch out, don’t assume a damn thing, because all it takes is one neglection, one second of not paying attention or thinking you are invincible and you’re gone. That goes for whether you’re in a cage or on a bike, but please, for god’s sake USE YOUR DAMN TURN SIGNALS.

damn dude. I have had my share of close calls that way. People not using their turn signals and I almost rear ended them. Of course on the other end of the spectrum im guilty. I tend not to use my turn signals when turning. It is a habit that i have been trying to break since I started riding. Its good advice!

Yeah here’s the great thing.

Soon as I got into town i was coming around a corner, probably 5 mph. Some chick (high school girl TALKING ON HER CELL PHONE) in some pimped out cadillac SUV does the same thing, just turns in front of me, stops before she got in my lane realize she was an asstard. No one hurt, no big deal, hell, i can stop at 5mph hahaha.

But I stopped, made a hand gesture like I was talking on a phone, acted like i hung it up, flipped her off and she HUNG UP THE PHONE! IT was beautiful.

lol… just dont take that road rage too far! I can understand you mindset especially after almost being cut up by those thraser blades. From experience it sucks to go down, but If you had slowed down enough I would have rather taken the chance sliding on the road or bouncing through a field then tangle with the blades. Great save, I only wish I could have done that with mine.

What happened with yours?

cruising at about 60mph downhill and the car in the lead of this line of cars decided they were going to stop and turn into the diner at the bottom of hill. all of a sudden I had to slam on my brakes because everyone else in front me did. No tailgatting or anything it was just that sudden.

another time I was heading out to some really nice twisties and before I had left town with my 2 friends this woman in a Red Crapalier decides shes going to pull out of the gas station acrossed our path with no signal. My friend on the ducati had his brakes locked up. I was right behind him.

No accidents but very well could have been because people failed to signal.

Wow, glad you’re okay. Yeah, people can be just plain stupid man. Be careful out there.

I am pretty anal when it comes to using my turn signals. I always get so mad when people don’t use them. It really is not that hard to do and only takes a second or two to hit the knob and there you go.
People just get careless sometimes and they don’t realize that they hold their lives and many others in their hands just by not signaling.
Great post Koi.