Playing with the camera

Just playing with the camera while i was waiting for the wife to get her nails done

nice parking! =)

Loooks like a the FnF Tokio Drift Parking :wink:.

everyone says that im going to have to see the movie

Great pix ofm the Steamtown Mall.

No really your car looks great I miss my zx2.

Does your wife get her nails done at that place by the Bon-ton?

yep every weeks she’s there with either her nails or a pedicure. Sometimes she goes every 2 weeks but thats the longest she goes.

Were going to have to get tom’s ZX2 next to mine and take some pics there. IMO theres some nice sceenery there to get great pics.Just bad lighting lol

by the way roush, I need a good pedicure, do U recomend me that place?