planning a vacation

Im planning a vacation coming up at like the 3rd week of september! anyone have any ideas?

I know most everyone here is from the mid/west/northern states, dont know if Ill be gong that way, but If someone has ideas about things to do in your area, that would be great!

We could maybe even plan a get together or something like that!!!


Hey man! why don’t you come to Mexico?, we have here great beaches, example at the norh Ensenada, at the north west Mazatlan, at the west Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo, at the south west Acapulco, at the east Veracruz and Campeche and at the south Cancun (excellent place) in all of that places you can find national and international tourist girls, aquatic sports, very nice clubs and all the alcohol and anything you need.

If you come this way (NW Ohio) we could go to Cedar Point. The worlds largest Roller Coaster Park with the best, fastest, and I believe tallest coasters in the world. It’s fun and that time of year it SHOULDN’T be too crowded. If you let me know ahead of time I can request the day off.

  • Darron

Ive been to Cedar Point 2 times now. I rode the Millenium Force 1 time and Ive ridden the Top Thrill Dragster about 7 or 8 times. The Millenium force goes like 90some MPh and the Dragster goes like 120some MPH. The millenium force is a lil freaky I think cause your goin up so high and water is just a few hundred feet to the left of the main hill. I love watching the Dragsters cars not quite making it over the hill sometimes. It just makes you think in the back of your mind “are we gonna make it or not.” Great fun there.

I am a rollercoaster fanatic! Let me check with my buddy whos going and see if he wants to do that! BTW, Six Flags Great Adventure NJ officially has the tallest/fastest rollercoaster now I believe.

Kingda Ka… some 420ft of a drop, at 120mph launch speeds… It was closed when I went this summer. too bad for me…

Sorry Pich, for the budget im working on and the time frame for my vacation, Mexico is a little bit too far for me. One day I will make it to Cancun, Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta.

i found the website for Cedar Point… is the only way to the Cedar point by boat???

Looks like an awesome theme park! TTD is the same as Kingda Ka, lol. I think Six Flags must have gotten jealous.

No if you come see Darron and I its just a short drive away. 2 hours maybe if that. Just let us know.


Cedar Point is ridiculous. That theme park is built for thrill seekers. There are so many roller coasters. Normally when they build a new ride, they try to break some sort of record: tallest, fastest, most inversions and most roller coasters.

If you are in the area, GO! You really want to go during the week to avoid long ride lines.

Mark, when you decide to come stop in Mexico city to meat my Z friends Club.

Definately will Pich! it wont be for a while though…

lol! i asked about the boat thing, because their park map online doesnt show parking! lol!

unfortunately, the week im planning the vacation, they dont have weekday hours. so it would have to be a weekend thing!


Theres a road that is built up by large rocks and dirt that go out into the lake. If you go to … code=44870 and go to the map, zoom out 1 bar and when it loads, look towards the top middle of the pic and you will see cedar point.

Go to … /index.cfm to see the Cedar Points TOP THRILL DRAGSTER. 420’ tall and 120 mph (it was 123.7mph when I went)

I’ve seen the dragster reach 128 mph a couple times while in line and once 130 mph. But the thing that scares me is that one of the signs reads: “If the coaster does not completely get over the hill and begins to fall backwards; Do not panic as this is normal.”

Yea but its cool, that just makes it that much more fun. But yea there are a ton of brakes that are on the bottom of the roller coaster and once you go up the hill, these big metal plates stick strait up in the air and the brakes rub em.

heres another big question…

are their any camping areas in that area? in the interest of keeping costs down, I think that is what we are planning on doing.


There are plenty, my family and I stayed at 1 up there. I cant remember what it was called but there were at least 3 others that I saw on the way to the park.

Yeah, there are all sorts of campgrounds ‘n’ stuff nearby. And yes, there is parking on the island. I actually haven’t gotten a chance to go yet this year, but for some reason I’m not really all that disappointed…I must be getting old. :slight_smile: But if you come in the area and wanna go I’m all about it so long as I have notice to request off. Yeah, only bad thing about going in September is it’s pretty much weekends only, however! I do believe that they’re open all day on Friday, so it wouldn’t (shouldn’t rather) be too crowded for most of the day. Keep us posted! Oh, and if need be you could “camp” in my back yard. lol

  • Darron

There is a campgound area. It is behind the park. The “Sand Castle” is right next to the campground area. But I believe the campgrounds are for campers trailors online, I would check into that before you go.

Best bang for your buck stay at the “Green Tree” it is on the corner were you turn to drive on the causeway. Might be called “Johnny Rockets” after the resturant they have, which is also good food.

yea that campground is for hard side campers only because of the wind that comes off of lake erie. Also you might possibly get burned up there (not sun burn) wind burn.

w3rd!! they are putting in a Johnny Rockets down here! The Original Hamburger or something like that…