Places to buy ZX2 parts.

Please list places you can buy zx2 parts from. I am trying to assemble a master list. Also if you can give the following…

url of website
url of each item

zx2 lowering springs
99 bucks … they might have some other stuff you have to look bro

struts bars, short shifters and some other stuff again you have to look man … good stuff and its not too exspensive and some of there universal stuff is nice

i have dealt with both these companies in the past at the shop i used to work at and they have good products at fair prices and amazing customer service (one of the things i know people in here like to know )

John Bleakly Goto Suspension Parts
—Tokico Struts, M18000Z2, $137.50
—Eibach Pro-Kit Springs, M5560Z2, $181.50
CTA Motorsports
Focus Sport
Unlikely Hero Fellow tuner, custom turbo setup
Options Auto Expensive
SCT Where to buy a SCT X2
Sean Hyland Motorsports Focus-Escort interchangeable parts

[size=99px]Andys Auto Sport[/color][/url] Contact: Angel and tell him you heard about kit from
Buddy Club Body Kit, ANDY00063278, $759.05 (ON SALE)
Combat Bomb Body Kit, ANDY00063279, $664.05 (ON SALE)
Erebuni 525 Body Kit, EREB00063151, $849.02 (ON SALE)
Bomber Body Kit, EXTR00066128, $635.06 (ON SALE)
Evo 2 Body Kit, EXTR00066132, $550.27 (ON SALE)
Vision Auto Dynamics
—Look for the EVO 5 Body Kit
Extreme Dimensions
Street Concepts Caution! All Kits use Fiberglass.
Buddy Club Body Kit, $549.00
Invader Body Kit, $499.00
Evo 2 Body Kit, $499.00
Cyber GT, $549.00
Concept X Hood, $329.00
Axiom Design Solutions
EDGE Front Fascia, $495.00

[size=99px]Got Wheels and Tires[/color][/url]
Wheels Next

I will continue to post on this post, so that there is no confusion.
I read your article from the homepage and provided some Body Mods, does this mean I get a cool “Zx2 Motorsports” T-Shirt? If it was a White-T with this on the front, I would be happier than fly on…well you know. or
[url=] ... 4844392375[/url]

This is a good place its angelzx2’s hubbys place of employment if theres any thing you need just pm me and ill get you toms number at work.
He is always good for some discounts

more tires and rims

Sweet. A&A auto… I have near me and they deal tons of stuff. One person you could get ahold of is TsaPerformance on b/c he works at a shop in Middletown and gives great prices.

Yeah I will get soem free stuff together for you guys just give me a bit :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways thanks for the help on the info. HELPS ME OUT A TON :wink: Plus this site is for you guys so what ever you can do to help only makes it even better here :wink:


P.S. Still waitin on my zxtuner order :frowning: Makes me sad.

Could anyone possible get all of these links organized and possibly start a new thread and keep updating it for me? Thanks,

I don’t know…I thought I did pretty well organizing them. I even updated the AndysAutoSport links because I saw that they were points to the wrong location over time.

I could do it, I suppose.

I think he meant the other links that werent part of your post Nick. Chris is there a specific way you want them organized?

We could start a sperate thread with the info on it. If someone notices something missing or needs to update, they can post. Once they primary poster puts done in the thread after updating and then delete the posts after that.

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Yeah start a seperate thread and we can do just liek you suggested. Eventualy I am gonna move the data to a static page on the main site. Anything is a big help thought :wink:

Anyways though thanks for all of the help so far :wink: