Pich arriving

Thank’s again is nice to start to post with you, I belive that you has a lot of experience modifying your cars and will try to contribute with some ideas. This is our web site club link: http://www.poweredbyzetec.com, feel free to post in the forum.

Welcome to ZX2MS.

Thank you!

Welcome :wink:

Thanks a lot!, by the way I want to make an invitation to take a look of the mexican ZX2 forum called poweredbyzetec dot com, we have allready the US section it’s workin’ well, we want to make bigger the Z community :smiley:

yeah, i got the idea and threw it to masterZx2, he liked it and made a section for us.

hey man! shinin’ in every Z place!..



yep! and i don’t even have a z! LMAO! :smiley:

i just know a lot about ‘em…being vut’s bro an’ everything

im a lil slow… sry…


thank U!

no problem