Performance chips

Does a stock CQW3 S/R computer come a perfomance chip. Also Where can I find a mod that will reflash my computer?

If you have a CWQ3, you do not want to “reflash” it. You would be better off buying SCT from and then buying a cheap $20-50 stock ZX2 pcm. Then you can turn around and sell your CWQ3 for $150+ to get some money back. The SCT is what everybody goes w/ that wants the best performance out of their Z.


Thank you, and is it the Xcalibrator 2 tuner that I want

And why cant I just use the SCT with the CWQ3 computer

You can use the SCTx2 with any ECU.

The reason he suggested getting a different ECU was the considerable resale value of your current ECU. Since buying the SCTx2 would make the ECU null…you might as well have a poopy ECU and get some good money for the one you have now.

  • Darron

Ok thanks