Perfect reason not to street race...

I use to play around with my friends or whoever decided to mess with me but I never got into actually racing people on the street. About two months ago I was messin with this person on these twisty back roads in the middle of the night on my way back from columbus. We were comming up on this horrid turn, we call it the reapers hook, well apearently the guy I was racin didnt know it was there, we came down the straight into the corner at a little over 90, I gave and hammered the brakes and he didnt, he went through the gard rail and two trees before flipping 3 times and landing upside down in the creek. There was nothin left of the miata, it was really horrible to see, I mean I race professionally and ive seen cars flip 10 times at 170mph but seeing this was worse than anything I have ever seen at the track. he lived but was real beat up. Fortunatly there was no proof we were racin so they cant pin it on me but it just goes to show ya that your never prepaired for what can happen when you mess around like that.

Something like that happened to my Father back in the days of old school muscle car racing. They setup a drag at one of the local dams and one guy launched and lost control near the end of the track… back in those days once the race was done you left so as not to get caught. Well He ended up down in the woods near the waters edge. Everyone that was there couldnt find the car or even where it had run off the road. The guy was okay, but they had to return a day or two later and tow it out of the woods.

WHOO! Holy crap, we have a corner around here that is an uphill reverse banked corner. It’s really nasty and is notorious for throwing you off camber at high speeds. Many deaths on that corner because so many new teenagers go out driving on the road thinking they’re colin mcrae or something and hit it and as they start turning they get the ass end going out from under them and get shot right off the side of the hill which is a 30 ft drop into trees, rocks, field and a nasty drop below. A kid passed away that was a good friend of my sisters on that corner and took another kid with him showing off at 80mph on the corner. Him and his friend were thrown 40 ft out of the vehicle. The other 2 kids were sent to the hospital.

I’ve been driving the road since a child and know it like the back of my hand but its scary every time I hit that corner still.

Well here in the flat lands (chicago) there are endless streets that are suitable for racing on. 4 lane wide streets, sometimes no stops for a few miles. More streets then a cop can patrol so its a 80% chance you wont get caught.

yeah I mean you can get through it if you know your car, and its abilities, but this kid didnt, he went into it at prob close to 100 mph and didnt even start to turn it just pushed straight into the side and off he went, it was scary as hell as pieces of his car were fallin all over the place as it flipped through the air I was like omg, back when I had my rx7 I could take that corner at near 65, but any faster and it was a drift around it but still I thought I killed him

Wow…That would have been totally freaky and awful to see. Thank God he survived.


Part of the reason I cut way back on the whole street racing stuff is becuase I was pushed into oncoming traffic. I can only imagine what the other person would have felt like if there was an accident. thank god there wasn’t.

yeah, I mean if youve ever played around in a car you have pushed or the rear end has come out from underneith you, its a fact lol and yes it was really frightening to see, I thought for sure I was going to walk up ona body but he was just beat up, not even a broken bone

Not even a broken bone!? :shock: God definetly had his hands on that dude for certain.


lol… he probably said 50 hail marys while flying through the air. I know I would be and I dont even know the words!!!

Lol. I don’t know about the Hail Marys but I would definetly be asking him to save me from my stupidity and promise never to do something so freakin stupid ever again. At least not purposely…