Parting out S/Rs *Official Thread*

Dan was kind enough to send me some pictures of the S/Rs.
Please post any and all questions in here.

If you have any questions email Dan

Sweet Mother of God, was the black and yellow s/r’s in Jurassic Park?

I am not sure lol

I wonder what the price would be to get the rear suspension off the red one. And the Springs and Shocks…

i emailed about those exact parts and got a quote of around 500, or so, plus shipping.

How much for intake?

I don’t think the person gets on here very much if at all…so your best bet would be to e-mail the addy Chris gave in the first post.

  • Darron

I’m on vacation until 11/04/05. I’ll reply to all email then. Like I’ve posted before I’m trying to help a friend and hopefully you guys out.

That spoiler on the red s/r makes it look REALLY bad.

dibs on the back bumper of the red one, how much to 91911 chula vista, ca

damn…don’t wanna see mine like those Z… :frowning:

Any info on the size of those rims, and if it would be possible to get four of them in good shape?

they are 15" They take 205/55/15 tires.

thanks Yellow, i wonder how much it would cost for four of them shipped, i would prolly be better off buying new rims somewheres else

I always thought the S/R rims were 16" rims…?

  • Darron

nope he’s right on tire and rim size both. :slight_smile: 205/55r15

No Foos. Didnt we get into this like 3 months ago. And other S/R owners came in along w/ other Zs and said they were 15" O well, whatever. They r 15"

has anybody got a respons ?

i want that back bumper lol


i dont care what size, as long as there bigger than 14’s

How much for just the borla muffler? I wanted to try something and see how it sounded. Thanks.