Parking Light Lenses

I have a really good question for you. I was looking to change the parking light lenses on my 01 z. I cannot find any clear or other shade than the ones on it now, the amber color will not go well with my carbon fiber headlight covers. I am also supposed to receive my new altezza gunmetal tail-lights any day, and the AMBER thing is not attractive at all. Please help! :oops:

Do you have an Advanced Auto Parts store near you? I saw a whole bunch of clear and amber.

Go to pep boys and pick up some Sylvania Silverstars. THEY DO have the front parking light ones and it gives the parking lights a blue tint. I have em.

Since mine is an '01, in which Ford did the most mods… (they only offered my color in that year and they didn’t offer fogs) the actual lenses on the front parking lights are colored Amber. So what I’m trying to find are new clear lenses that I can replace them with. Not sure if that’s what you meant…

Thanks for your help. I need all I can get when it comes to this car. It’s hard to find parts. :wink:

Hey, thanks again for your help. My mom works for a Ford dealer and after much complaining, they located me some clear lenses. They tell me that this was rare! :roll:

It has to be rare…I’ve NEVER heard of this. You are referring to the lights between the headlights not the side markers, right? You’ve gotta post a pic of those 'cause that’s crazy. I know that typically they can appear amber due to the bulb, but I’ve never seen an amber lense on anything but an 03.

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Yea, neither have I, just the stock bulb makes it appear to be amber. I didnt like it so I just replaced the bulb w/ Silverstars. O yea the # for the silverstars is 3457. The bulbs box says 3357/3457.

Clear turn signals are rare? I have to purchase the amber bulbs as replacement, I guess that makes mine signals clear, right?

<–You can see one in my Avitar.

Or are you talking about the far out side lens?

I was talking about the outside ones. The ones that are connected with the headlights. The only kit I can find for all clear is 900. Any ideas?

Check this out.

Clear Corners & Headlamp Housings by

yea go for the ZXtuners. Depending on where you live and what officer sees you if you bust the amber out, you could get fined and end up buying the ZXtuners or a replacement stock one.