Pack your crap!

CAUSE WE’RE MOVING!!! :mrgreen:

Hey guys. I’am moving the site today. I am busy moving all the files and such right now. I will be locking the forum in the next hour or so so I can transfer the database. it might take till tonight sometime for you to be able to post again. It takes awhile for the DNS to catch up. The gallery and forum is moving so no worries if you have pics hosted with us. :wink: Thanks Foo for the several hundred photos you have stored on the server lol. You alone have like 700+ lol. So anyways keep posting while I make some changes :wink:



sweet!! :slight_smile:

Set condition 1 throughout the forums, stand by for jump!

Are we there yet?

just hope it’s a soft landing…

Remember to roll when you touch the ground.

YOU’RE WELCOME! I just try to do my part! :slight_smile: Don’t worry, when I get all the pics from my camera to my hard drive from the Auto show on Wednesday and am ready to post them up, I’m gonna take down the one’s from 2005. :evil:

  • Darron