This is what happens when a kid takes his daddy Mustang GT out for a spin.


OOOHHHHHH! What the hell happened?

Well…it would appear that dumbass there went over the curb effectively killing the tires and part of the body (as indicated by piece in the grass) and looks like it even screwed over the front control arm or something since it’s all out of alignment…sucker…

  • Darron

Whats better is this is on a local forum and one of the guys was taking a smoke break and heard the kid burnout from McDonalds and then come down and lost it, slid sideways, smacked curb, and popped up onto grass and rolling forward off grass and coming to a stop…

Shame he wasnt going faster and didnt flip it… haha

Stupid ass kids that don’t know how to drive. My kids are going to drive slow ass cars at first, so they get a respect for them.

Hey, you never know your limit untill you exceed it. PUSH ON! :evil:

LMAO…thats awesome.

one question, is that kid standing there the one who was driving? if so he needs to take his hands out of his front pockets and put them in his back pockets.He is going to need the extra padding when his dad lights that ass up. :cry:

HaHaHahHa thats some funny shit right there.

Lol! Sucks to be him!!