One thing after another....

Well, tigress and I got married on July 14th, closed on our house on the 21st and got immediate possession. Spent the whole first week working on the house. Took a break to go on our honeymoon to TN on the 31st. Came back (reluctantly) and have begun working once again on painting the house in anticipation of moving in this weekend. And on top of that, I just ordered our phone/DSL service, so we’ll be on a li’l more often to terrorize, I mean join, ya’ll. :wink:

What’s everyone else been up to?

  • Darron

just chillin here! Glad to hear both you and Miranda are starting to get settled into married life!

I know what home remodleing is like i was at Home DEPOT so much they gave me a apron and started paying me.

ok it was somthing like that. after 10k later the house still’s not done.
I love my wife I love my wife

Melinda and I are doing some simmilar renovation to our apartment. We’ve only been living there for a few months, but already we’ve painted and repaired a lot of stuff. So I feel your pain.

And joy. Joy in there too. Somewheres… :smiley:

Just got back to the rock after being home on leave. Autocrossed my baby in DSP, and got a little paperweight trophy, and I’ve got a girl now! So all in all, I’m good, other than being 3800 miles away from all of the good stuff. LOL.

You came to Tennessee and didn’t tell me? You were probably too far away anyhow.

Cool guys. Congrats PIP!!! We moved all our stuff in yesterday and stayed the night here for the first time. Still have a lot of unpacking and painting to do…:slight_smile:

  • Darron