OMG these stupid wipers.

This is SUCH a simple issue that is driving me up the wall. I’ve been trying to put new wipers on, but I’ve been through three brands and they keep missing gobs of water, leaving it to dry in streaks on the windshield. Is there a brand of 3rd party windshield wipers that anyone else uses with no issues?

i perfer oem ford wipers havent had any problems

Im starting to think the same as Jayco. I too have not been able to find wipers that work well. Most of the wipers I get usually end up leaving streaks acrossed the windshield that I have to look through. I also use rain-x too, I have been wondering if that has something to do with it.

I’ve always used Bosch wipers, but with Rain-X, most of the time you wont need wipers.

sorry should have clarified. I use the rain-x fluid not the rain-x direct apply wax. The concentrations are different in each I believe.

anco are decent, what you need to remeber is to use wiper that the arms are metal not plasitic,

I use Trico Wiper Blades, made in Buffalo, and they work perfectly.

I’ve seen some good wiper replacements, metal, that go for less than the blades to fit in the stock wipers. Maybe I’ll just upgrade.

motorcraft wipers FTW :smiley:

FTW…For The Win??? - FF

i use piaa gets all the mud and stuff off … but rain x fluid will cause streaks too

Funny thing, a day after my last post I got a coupon for the motorcraft wipers, sent from my local Ford Dealer. Problem solved. :smiley:

Motocraft wipers are the best. I live in the desert and all other brands get dried out and crack and don’t work worth two shits the next time it rains. But the Motocraft ones I have on now have lasted almost a year.

I have Trico blades and a had them for almost 2 years.

good to see that some one likes motorcraft besides me…

ROFL :lol: :smiley: :lol: :smiley: :sunglasses: