Ok, I didnt mean to get everybody worked up or anything, I just ment that It would be nice to at least place the state that you live in there. If anybody was interested in doing a cruise, they would know who to PM and all that, and as far as Im concerned, putting down your city as well doesnt let anybody know exactly where your live. For York, Pennsylvania, the is Population (year 2000): 381,751 people. Im not concerned, and well whatever, didnt mean to get you guys worked up.

What? Do you want the exact GPS coordinates where my house is? If you want to cruise around town or in the area, more than likely you know the area. Meeting up is not that big a deal, but putting down your city is good. I might be in Albany, NY asking me to go cruise around town with you, when it’s a 6-hour drive from Buffalo.

All I’m saying is State and City are good enough. If I’m in your area, I’ll message you to go out for a drive.

why you gotta put york up there? trying to find me lol?? if you wanna cruise man pm ill give you my address

I still don’t understand why it was such a big deal in the first place but whatever.