Ok so no more vinyls.

Step one completed! All my vinyls except the stripes = gone.

Now… I thought to myself today “Ok, I like those stripes it has on them. But deep down, they feel like they are too thin. I refuse to rip them off and start over again because I sort of like that rally look but what if… I ADDED something else to the outside of them.”


I’m drawing some stuff up and will post it up in the next few days (or tonight if i can photochop that quickly) and see what you all think. I have a buddy who is able to do some vinyls for me down here so i could have a kit made.

cool! I cant wait to see what you come up with.

No stripes on economy cars… Please.

To each his own.


Says the guy w/ the purple neons. :smiley:

We all like something that others don’t.

I know. I just think they look tacky. LoL I don’t have room to talk, but I still do. LoL

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. :mrgreen:

Indeed, some like kandy, some like primer, I like as purchased. :smiley:

You can say whatever you want but the car won’t change. If i wanted purple neons i’d have purple neons instead of stripes.