ok really need some help quick

OK so project Z1NONLY is running like $#!T. I can hardly hit the gas without it chugging really bad through the first 4k rpms. after that she pulls hard. My dad and I think it might be pre-detination. Or maybe there is something wrong with the fuel pump/fuel filter. Any thoughts??

P.S. the check engine light goes off like crazy whenever i stop and take off in first.

I would eliminate the fuel pump as the problem b/c it only effects hard acceleration and higher rpm.s when the engine needs more fuel, not when ur taking off from a stop or at low rpms. If its preditanation you should hear ur pistons rocking back and forth hitting the cylinder wall, if u hear any new sounds coming from the engine bay then that could be it, not shure. Maby injectors, BUT dont listen to me, i have been wrong b4.

Can you smell fuel when its strugglin to take off?

Have you pulled any codes?

no i can’t smell fuel, and no i don’t have a code scanner. i just found out that my motor mount on the passenger side by the wheel well. the bolt that holds the assembly together is half-way out and wedged in there. damn my luck.

oh and i am hearing a stong vibration noise and feeling from the passenger side now when she drives, hardest when she is at idle.

You said the check engine light goes crazy. If it is blinking that is very bad., it means you having a serious misfire. First thing you should check the spark plugs and wires. make sure the gaps aren’t too wide and the wires aren’t arcing. Did you smell antyhing burning? Misfire could cause your cat. to glow red hot. Hope this helps

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