OK MIRRORGUARDIAN! I challenge you!


Meaning I can’t get XBOX live… I have challenges for you, lets see if you can beat them. You HAVE to post screenshots to prove you did it.

I will post the track, the time, and the car I did it with, you gotta use the SAME car either stock, or with the listed mods and with assists on or off and beat my time.

Remember, realistic damage only!

Road Atlanta II - 9:23:259 total time: 59:259 Best lap - Set by #23 Viper CC - NO TCS, NO ABS, NO STM


Maple Valley II - 9:02:170 total time: 37.233 Best lap - Set by #23 Viper CC - NO TCS, NO ABS, NO STM


Nurburgring D - 2:20:181 total time: - Set by Carrera GT - FULL MODS - NO TCS, NO ABS, NO STM


Nurburgring D - 2:14:951 total time: - Set by Ferrari Enzo - FULL MODS - NO TCS, NO ABS, NO STM


PS: I’ve had 2 beers, so my reaction time may be a bit off… now go drink and drive… in forza that is!

Just pretend that I’m waiting by the guardrails cheering on… er… BOTH of you. :wink:


Oh, hell yeah! It’s on like Donkey Kong!

Need some clarifications.

How many Laps? (must match)
Assists can be ON or OFF? (my choice)

It might be easier to pick one of the races that come in the career mode.

Go DK! (Tokyo Drift reference).

This should be fun

Now I wish I had Forza…how 'bout NFS:MW? lol Hurry up Mirror, let’s see what you got! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

  • Darron

I’m waiting for some clarifications.

I did jump on yesterday to did the first race and got a Best Lap of 58.465s. But I have no idea how many laps.

I’m not worried.

Sorry, I was out sick yesterday :frowning:

Ok the laps are:

Road Atlanta II was the American Open GTS class and it was 9 laps for road atlanta II and 14 laps for maple valley II. So basically if you race the American Open its the 2nd and 3rd races of it.

Nurburgring D is obviously a one lap deal, it’s from point A to point B, I did that one in the Point-to-point section, Mid-Rear class for the enzo and Carrera.

Remember, same cars, no assists, and you gotta post a screenie!

I’m sure you’ll beat me but hey we can work on cutting down times eh? It’ll be fun!

No assists? Awh…that’s gonna be tough for me, but I’ll try.

I know you said the Enzo drives best with ABS on, but no assists :slight_smile:

Thats why it’s a challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Road Atlanta II - 9 Laps


Nurburgring D - Point-to-Point


So far…been a little busy with other things.

wow just barely got me on the other by a second! I’m gonna have to work on that one…

now the nurburgring i’m going to have to retune and try again, very nice!

What about the nurburgring with the enzo? :slight_smile:

Oh, man, keeping that car on the road without stability control is tought. Braking is the easiest part, but it’s the slight curves that are getting me. You get that back end squirly and you are in the grass, though the E-Brake seems to help righting you. But you put up a great time with the Enzo.

Atlanta II took me 4 tries. The secret was not to pass to many computer players at once. One or two per lap seemed to workout the best. But I couldn’t beat your “Best Lap.”

All the more fun that way though :slight_smile: told you it’s an interesting way to play. I prefer it that way but I think everyone has their own style but I figured I’d post it up for some fun! Tomorrow I may try to beat your times, we’ll see how busy I am at work.

Maple Valley II - 14 Laps


Nurburgring D - Point-to-Point


GAH nearly 2 seconds on me at nurburgring!

This weekend I’m gonna work on breaking that time :stuck_out_tongue:

Out of curiosity, how close are your friends behind you in times on xbox live?

I have another challenge coming up for you possibly tonight. But I want to try and break that time first!

On Xbox Live, most of the guys are about 5 seconds behind. But there is a group I play I am normaly 2nd, somtimes first. We play a variety of races and car types. First place picks the Track or car. Second picks what First place didn’t. Car types would be Front Rear, MR, FF, S1, S4, Classics, muscle, Asian. Really depends on who picks the cars. We hardly ever run Super cars. They are good guys, and they practice.

Hmm, well considering so far that our times have been seconds (quite literally) behind each other it would be interesting to see how we’d do on live… damn i wish i wasn’t so lazy to not wallfish my apt. lol.