Ok few misc mods...

Okay I’m sorta cooking up something in my garage so I need a bit of info…

Question… do I need the heat shield for the fuel filter? is it necessary… the shield and mounts holding it in seem uneccessary and are just weight.

Is there a way to murder and eliminate my a/c with the stock pulley and modify and fabricate something so I don’t have to get a new serpentine belt or buy one of those A/C Eliminators? $80 for a piece of metal with a pulley on the end is rediculous.

Front bumper, the 2 “pretty” looking “intake” or “vent” spots next to each side of the grill have holes, if say a tube ran from them, out of the fenderwell, would there be enough room out of the way of them to route a tube without messing with the serpentine?

I would leave the heat shield on the fuel filter. Last thing I want to hear is you blew up your car because the heat ignited a small leak of the fuel filter or something like that.

I don’t know about the serpentine belt. Perhaps ask someone who doesn’t have A/C. See if their car came with that pulley and if so, take a drive to your local junkyard. Or check out a diagram in your owners manuel. Even better, goto an Auto Parts supplier and ask for a serpentine belt for a Zx2 without A/C. Perhaps they will have the belt or belt lenght you need.

I’m not sure what you are asking.

Lets say routing a tube from the front bumper, into the fenderwell and feeding cold air to the inside of the fenderwell, hence, better cooling.

I went to an Autocross event in town (didn’t participate, just kinda hung out) and there was a guy with a ZX2 there and he’d done what you just asked about with the A/C. He took that huge hunk of whatever off and gutted the thing so it’s just an empty shell of a bracket for the pulley. (ovbviously the lines and everthing were also discarded.

Still no idea what you mean to do with the tubing and the vents. What are you trying to cool? The radiator/antifreeze? If that’s what you’re intending, I’m sure it could work, but I don’t know where all the hoses go 'n 'such so…

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I’m actually attempting to fabricate brake ducts to get some fresh air in the fenderwells so the brakes will stay cooler. I figure with the body being the way it is those vents on the side of the front bumper if they were gutted out a bit with slots over them (so that I can close them at will if needed) could be used to rush cold air to them for better heat dissipation.

As to the A/C… he gutted the A/C? That’s not a bad idea, I’d have to figure out where in the wiring i can get rid of the A/C as well because it would just be annoying to have it making noise or such if it were non-functional. Neither me or my fiance even USE the A/C and this ZX2 isn’t going anywhere so I may as well rid the A/C :slight_smile:

Well, pull off the front fascia. And drill a 2-3 inch hole into the cavity where the lower air resonator use to be. There you should have plenty of room to play with and you can pipe that toward the front and create a ram air system.

Don’t be quick to judge, but I found that vacuum parts from a hardware store make great RAM Air kits. Especially when you get one of those attachments that bevel out to make a collection funnel.

Not worried about ram air, that’s a possibility in the future but for now i’m working on brakes :slight_smile: but that is a pretty cool idea.

As to the parts store thing, man, thats how mods get invented in the first place is inventing things :slight_smile:

If you gut the A/C compressor and don’t want it to turn on, just don’t plug the wire connector into it. With the system empty, it shouldn’t kick on anyhow without pressure in the system.

This is true… Hmmmm, well, looks like i’ve got a project for me this weekend to finish in that case :slight_smile: Fun!

Would the a/c system stay in and just rip out the piping and use a non a/c belt (and disconect the wireing) not to worryied about weight reduction just mabe a little extra power .The a/c is dead anyway no cold airanymore

roush! you know that canister that sits in the engine bay? all the cold air was stored in that. sorry to hear its gone now, you should be able to pick up a replacement at like advanced auto parts or autozone!!

lol… j/k!!!

Get a R134a recharge kit for like 40$ and your set.

LOL it’s an A/C COLD AIR INTAKE! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

ya just run a a/c duct to the intake

I dunno what would be worse, attempting that or using that leaf blower like in that video that 2000 S/R posted.

lol i rember that i still dont believe it worked

lmao it was a good video though, I was afraid I was going to see a pull cord on the side of hondas after that…

“Yo punk you wanna race.”
“Yeah bro let me get my intake going. steps outside pulls cord, another buzzing noise besides the honda starts up aight lets go.”

Lol! You are funny :lol: That is just what Hondas need to do…Give us another reason to make fun of them…


Yeah I can’t remember where I saw that video, it was funny though, these guys took a leave blower and stuck it in the intake and dyno’d it.

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Ah yes! I remember, you posted it, i forgot and posted it, and it was a REPOST that i posted. Indeed.