Oil pump

ok so the focus and ours are the same , the ford racing oil pump is an OE replacement, so who or where do I get a better oil pump? No body has posted on teamzx2 either so I thought I would get into a different thought level.

I figured mac would have jumped all over this one…

i can get you an upgraded pump with billet gears the current street price is about 300.00

I’m not sure of the price but I’m almost positive that melling makes an oil pump upgrade that will work on the zx2

i think its about 100.00 bucks

Does anyone know the melling part number ?

I have never heard ov anybudy having a problem with the stock oil punp. Now I have heard of the gears going out. That being said, Turbotom has bullit gears forthe Zetec engine…beleave me they are sexy. :mrgreen:

I think the OE oil pump from ford racing is like $45-50. How much is an upgraded oil pump worth? $100 seems fair.