Oil Filter Re-location Kit

To any vendor…I didn’t want to put this in any one vendor’s section but this is what I would like:

This mod came to me while I was on my thinking chair, I would like an oil filter relocation kit. Though this isn’t a performance mod, anyone who owns a Zetec engine is a potential sale if you have ever changed your oil yourself.

Thank You.

lol, yes I agree.

I totally agree, but I ask you to please, PLEASE do not use a design that resembles this gem of a product:

[url=http://www.amazon.com/Spectre-5971-Easy-Access-Change/dp/B000BQ08QO/sr=1-4/qid=1165614512/ref=sr_1_4/002-4563192-2141646?ie=UTF8&s=automotive]http://www.amazon.com/Spectre-5971-Easy ... automotive[/url]

It has some very obvious logistical issues.

Its not a bad kit friom what i can tell we dont need all those parts but the basic parts are there to make a relocation kit. I’ve seen a kit like this used before it is efective just a bit of a pain to do the install but then all’s gravy

there are universal filter relocate kits that will work for the zx2, I have one, bought it from jegs, however you do have to switch to a FL-1A filter which is good because its flow and capacity are much higher


how long have you had it?

I would ather us a FL-1A,
as you staed it has more benefits to our engine than our stock filter…

Happen to have a kit # and pics of your mounting location?