Oil Filter attachment nipple problems

I did an oil change today and the damndest thing happened. I started to put the oil filter on and it started to resist so I backed off the oil filter and to my surprise the oil filter came off with the piece that you screw it onto (what is it called? a bung? a nipple?). I put it back in hand tight as I didn’t have something to attach to the other side (other then the oil filter and I wasn’t going to torque on that) and torque it back in.

Anyone have that happen before? Is it okay to be put back in loosely like that? If you did how did you fix the problem and stop it from happening again? Im assuming its not going to leak because of the rubber gasket on the oil filter.

Dunno. I just did an oil change myself (royal purple ftw) and as usual I was chatting it up with my dad. He was talking about problems that he’s had doing oil changes, like the filter housing bending when he torqued one. But nothing like that. I’ll ask him.

Ok, just talked to him. He said that the nipple it self bottoms out when the filter is screwed on, so if you just torque the filter like usual then it should sung itself down properly.

Never with my ZX2… but I used to do oil changes for a living- I’ve seen this happen a few times, mostly on Pontiacs. If you just tighten down the filter, it should screw back in fine. Most of them that I’ve had this happen to have been fine later.

red locktite works well

Thanks everyone!

Jayco - is the red loctite heat resistant enough?

ive used it several times with no problems