Oil caps for sale $4+shipping

i have some honda oil caps for sale they are B&M, and i picked them up on clearance at summit racing, they are sellin them for $6.50, but i am selling them for $4,
here’s some picks of them


hit me up if you want one, and they do fit the zx2, i checked to make sure it fit mine

Those are actually pretty cool looking, and it fits and seals just fine? i’ll have to im you, I’m not digging the blue, but I have enough basecoat, pearl and clear i’m sure I could fix that :slight_smile:

Ok im’d him, he said they’re aluminum like a dark purple and anyone interested post your zip code so he can get shipping quotes.

I’m in the 97756.

Purple? NO!!! I was hoping they were blue. Damn! I would have so been in if they were blue.

Paint it, I’m gonna paint mine, just do a red base with a red pearl and thick clear.

I’m dumb or stupid when it comes to painting things. Hmm…$4…I probably can’t go wrong.

Count me in. What do I need to do?
Zip Code: 14220

Powdercoat it!

man, its times like this i wish i had the oven up and running so i could powdercoat these things for y’all. i’d be all over this, but i already have one exactly like that but silver with c/f insert in the middle.

shippin will be 1.50 to all 48 states, my paypal is teknosurveilance@gmail.com, after you paypal me the money send me a PM with the address to ship to and how much you paypaled should be ($5.50 unless you love me you can send me more) if not paypalin send me a PM that you are sending a moneyorder(or well hidin cash)

Money Sent Secure Transaction You have sent a payment! An email has been sent to the recipient.

You got a payment :slight_smile:

Do you have any left?


yep i got quite a few left

They are NICE, they look JUST like the picture he posted… here’s a few pics of what I got in the mail and I am HAPPY. He’s a good guy to work with, quick shipper, nice quality :slight_smile: Don’t be afraid to do a little biz over the net.





You still got some left?

yep still got some

good deal…paypal on its way…whoops sent it from my wife’s account…oh well…lol…

anyway, it’ll be there shortly bro…

Don’t forget, these ARE paintable :wink:


and I do plan to paint…

Do you ship to Mexico?

I am looking for some caps for the hidraulic/clutch oil and the Motor Oil i think is the same like your selling i see is paintable maybe can be look cool on Electric Blue.


So? I think theres is no interesting to sell the purple cap :frowning:.