Oh my god... found my next bike.

So me and my riding buddy went on a short ride yesterday, he took me looking for a one piece racing suit because this summer I’m hitting the track with him. We went to a Ducati Dealership so he can check on the warranty on his Ducati 996 and for some fork seals on his Aprilia.

While we were there I got to sit on a few Ducati bikes out of curiousity of how they would fit me. I sat on a Monster, I think it was a 600, fit me perfect, but just didn’t have that sport feel that a true sport bike did. I skimmed across the room and saw a black bike, looked mean, sexy and just flat out amazing.

Walked over and sat on this. Ducati 749 Dark.


The bike fit me PERFECTLY. Flat foot to the ground, light, comfy, fit my body like a glove. For $13k you can’t hate that price.

Soon as katie gets riding, loves her bike and is cool with me getting another one I’m all over that.

I’ll upload some of the pics of the monster I sat on as well later tonight.

the only problem with ducatis is they use desmodromic valve trains which means no valve springs … so the valve have to be adjusted every 800 miles by a certified ducati mechanic

You can do it yourself. My friend who has the 996 has a friend who does it himself.

I have no issue with the 800 mile valve check, I have done the valves on my ninja before and though it was a learning experience, it wasn’t so bad. My friend said it’s just a hassle. But I have no issue with that. I realize they are a high maintenance bike, any bike is.

ehh just go for the monster … or the 996 … or the ss1000 … ducati makes alot of good bikes … im still looking for an r6 or f4i

749 fit me perfect. Didn’t like the monster.

I’m not one for bikes, but Ducaties are sweet looking bikes.