odd shifting issue

i’m not thinking it’s the synchros because the issue is not consistent. and when synchros wear, the issue is consistently crappy.

however, for the last month or so i’ve had odd issues getting into 3rd gear. somtimes 2nd. i’ve noticed i can get around the 2nd gear issue by putting more pressure to the left as i shift, if i am “loose” it doesn’t grind, but doesn’t go in smooth.

3rd has been okay then not okay… never grinds. but just has issues going in unsmoothly. 4th is fine and 5th is fine.

i’m thinking the culprit must be in the linkage. bought an energy suspension stabilizer bushing set to make sure i get it resolved but i can almost guarantee it’s gotta be the linkage. if it were the synchros, i’d be having issues every time i shifted.


I was going to suggest the bushings also. I have an intermittent problem with this too, specifically 2nd and reverse. I have the ES linkage bushings on but they may need to be re-greased, its been a while.

all the stuff came today, if the weather isn’t insanely asinine shitty tomorrow i’ll get it done.

i may as well take pictures on how to do it and make a how to guide while i’m at it :slight_smile:

its cake to do!

if your replacing both sides take out the bushings on the bottom side of the shifter, you will probably have to remove your exhaust heat shield if you still have it. its a bolt with a locking nut on one end i believe. I think its a 10mm socket / wrench on both sides.

Then you have to replace the bushing on the transmission side. follow the linkage up to the tranny and where it goes in is where you replace the bushing. There should be a stabilizer bar that runs parallel to it. I believe this is also a 10mm.

K all it was the linkage as i thought. Crawled under and replaced the stabilizer bushings, the old ones were as good as the new ones.

However… the end linkage to the shifter to tranny itself had a shitload of play.

When i pulled it apart the plastic bushings holding it together were basically starting to warp and mash down. I could quite literally grab the linkage bar and shake the shifter back and forth and ALL the play was in the end of the linkage.

So to fix this i got some metal washers that were thin and inserted them beneath where the plastic bushing sits and bolted it back up. Tried to shake the linkage… solid as a ROCK!

My shifter once again feels stiff and brand new. I did replace the old stabilizer bushings with new ones and it made no difference, the linkage was the issue.

Happy zx2 again.

that’s good to hear… Shoulda threw on a short shifter while u where under there :wink:

i’ve hard a short throw shifter for a long time, see signature :stuck_out_tongue:

oh it was turned off my bad. :lol: