Now this is impressive driving....

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Can we say, WOW?

WOW…that guy can drive like nobody’s bussiness

Forget drifting, forget drag racing, thems RALLY DRIVING skills son.

I just wonder how many hours did he put in to get it down like that.

Such a great video.

None, Jason. He just hopped in and went for gold. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was gonna say…he even made mistakes, scuffed up the rear of the car, etc… it looked like a first run through to me, though it appears to be a normal course judging from the skid marks there. probably his “practice area”. Pretty sweet!

WOW! very nice

I never drool. I get to play with some pretty sweet toys.

is that you driving that?

no way Jose. I build/tune/repair/maintain/modify it, but I dont drive it any farther than out of the shop…sometimes. It’s not that I’m afraid of going fast and the tools to do it with, it’s just that this particular creation scares the pee outta me. The gentleman you see walk up from the right is my apprentice and erstwhile assistant, he’s a Honda nut. The brave soul that owns/drives it (yes, it is street legal…) is a good friend of mine from Freeport, Fl. The trans has finally started to slip in 2nd after 4 years of hard street racing so we’ll be sending it off to BTE for a refresh. Next engine is in the works, just awaiting pistons. Going to be a 400 block, 350 crank, 6" rod=377 with 12.5:1 and Canfield heads. I’d give it up to have the motor that’s coming out of it. .040 over 350 at about 10.75:1 with hogged and milled power pack iron heads. Saw on the web where some dood tubed and 5.0’d his 2. I wonder if the old lady would let me butcher mine?