Here are the pictures of the car I thought were worthy of photographing while I was there. I also have a few videos, I’ll be putting that together later. Hope you like what I have so far.

NOPI 2006: Leicester (warning 56k users)
Once it loads, you’ll be all set.

Ok on the Mustang. To bad its an SN95 and not a new one. Ugly ass wide body kit on that white supra. Yuck. Do they plan on using it for some Trans Am series? LOL

YEA! Transformers! Sorry, I’m such a geek when it comes to Transformers.

On a side note I’m worried about the upcomming movie.

Me too but because of who’s directing it I feel a little better.

I feel somewhat better, but not much. Micheal Bay kinda lost me with Pearl Harbor, but I do like some of his other stuff. I don’t want to be one of those uber geeks and go up in arms with the changes hes making (bumble bee a camaro? come on now) but he does know action and it will be sweet to see giant transforming robots duke it out.

Sorry again for the tangent.

wow you are a geek lol joke buddy im a transformer nerd also

and nice video

Well, here are the videos I promised. Hope you enjoy them.

High Res (26.9Mb) 128kb
Low Res (3.48Mb) 56kb Friendly