So, since Derek was nice enough to give me a new car…he suggested I should join up. I will go right off the bat and let you know that I dont know…a thing…about cars. You can imagine what it’s been like learning how to drive a manual. Not hot.

So hello!

And if you haven’t quite figured out yet…I’m Derek’s other (better) half. :] :wink:

Ive heard many great things about you Amanda. (He didn’t pay me either)

So launching the car a bit tonight eh??? You liking the car yet???

LOL! He told you about that? What a boob!
Yeah, I launched it a bit coming out of a church parking lot on a teenie tiny incline. I must say I was a little proud. I’m thinking I might have the skills to be a full fledge ricer now. :lol:
But I’m starting to like the car more and more. A few more lessons and I should be good. Thank God I work in town and it takes me 10 minutes to get home.

and btw, Derek doesnt HAVE anything bad to say about me lol

Derek said your his world and that he’d do anything for you(Derek you owe me 15 bucks now)

That’s great your getting use to the car. It takes a little while to get use to manual but after awhile you don’t even think about it. Now what would be great is that you become really really good at driving with this car and go against him in a autox. You bring home the trophy and he can only look at it hahahhahahaha.

I agree, after driving it a little today I’ve gotten more of a feel for it. It’s just seems harder with an extra pedal and driving an automatic for 5 years. I’ll get used to it. Well, more like I have to since my other car’s insurance expires at the end of the month.

You know, that would be the most ironic thing to happen! I told him today that he better watch out and I’ll race him in his Porsche, now that I know how to drive a manual.

just keep at it you’ll get better in no time! And it’s awesome to see another oregon ZXTuner

:lol: :lol:

Yeah she actually has done really well. You could tell she was a bit intimidated at first, but she hadn’t driven it in over a MONTH, she killed it a whole 2 times. But was consistent and mostly conquered her fear of inclines (She seems to really hate stopping and going on them). She’s a natural at it. She’s got a ways to go before she’ll beat the 944. And if she does I’ll just have to go pull out the ducky to make myself not feel bad.

Either way, very proud of how well she is doing :slight_smile: Although coming out of the church parking lot was pretty funny. She started rolling back and ended up giving it a LOT of gas and pretty much took off.

“Well… that was overkill but uh… GOOD JOB. Maybe a little less gas next time, and a lot less clutch.”

So yeah, the torch of my ZX2’s legacy has been passed onto my other half. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing i can still drive it, and, it’ll be well taken care of :slight_smile:

Oh man i remember that when learning stick. Were the car starts to roll back and you wanna give it gas and let off the clutch it takes off like a race car.

You have a Ducky too?? Mine is yellow and in my closet hahhahahah

I was almost half tempted to take it out this morning when I went for my errands. But…Derek was still sleeping and I bet he wouldnt have liked me calling him to get me out of an incline…

maybe next time though haha

You should of seen me trying to teach my gf how to drive in my zx2! LOL she is getting better but man!!! She has launched it better than me :wink:

Me and your girlfriend should hang out. We can launch cars together. lol

oh god launching cars together hahhaha. I could see this on youtube already…who can do it better(“Are they trying to race??? there trying to drive”)

I can see it on Youtube. under “Launch Wars”