Nice wiring for your audio system!

I’ve got some misc stuff for sale all in good shape, some stuff like the speaker wire and power cables are brand new.


I also have other NEW audio installation wiring as well, ie,

4 ga braided wire … prodID=439
$0.75 per foot! Plus shipping/handling.

12 ga sub speaker wire … prodID=247
$0.30 per foot! Plus shipping/handling.

awesome multi wire with 8 18 ga speaker wire and 1 18 ga remote turn-on wire

[url=] ... prodID=837[/url]

$0.69 per foot! Plus shipping/handling.

I will sell these by the foot. S/H will be based on how much your buying, but I can probably get enough of that wire to do a typical amp, 4 speaker, sub install shipped for $10, this is heavy stuff.

Also have misc other install items like RCAs, fuse holders, etc. As for quality of the new wiring, it’s not the best on the market and you’re not paying the price for that either. But, it is much better than the stuff you can pick up at the auto parts stores, Shack, or Target AND you’re paying about what you’d pay for that junk! So buy here and save a bunch.

It is best to contact me directly so please em me billzie_69 AT hotmail DOT com , you may call me as well, ( 7 4 0 ) 5 9 0 - 5 8 8 8 . I’m located in SE Ohio, Athens. Pick up is possible if you like. I accept Paypal my acct is my em addy.
Thanks, Bill