Newer zxtuner intakes

Ok, so I’m from the days when the Hotshot intake was the own, but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore. So how are the intakes from zxtuner (The roush remake and the other one)? And would there be a way to put a 3" K&N filter on either of them?

Because the ZXtuner intake pushes way into the fender, the only way I can see you mounting a K&N would be to attach a 90 degree elbow to put it into the spot left by the lower resonator. And the ZXTuner “roush” intake just copies the design leaving your stock airbox, which Mirrorguardian I believe has installed a K&N into, right nick?

well i bought a hotshot straight from hotshot… but i don’t suggest doing that because it took me almost a year to get it… and the filter sucked

First I got ride of the upper res and lower res.
Cut the AirBox and installed a stock K&N.

This was a good mod, but I wanted better than peiced together…

I then purchase an mandral bent intake from ebay and have been using it since. This one shoots over and down into the lower intake res.