New ZX2 ;) 56k go Fish

If your only going to post saying they aren’t going to use the ZX2 name then get lost :wink: The rest of us will bath in the glow from theses images on our computer monitor. :mrgreen:

That interior is starting to grow on me. :smiley:

It’s not too shabby at all. It’s kinda weird how the 2 bar goes into the headlights, but I’d sport it… If they made a Roush version.

I popped wood… I mean SWEEEEEEEETTTT!!!1

Thats a F-ing focus!..yuck!

DRew like Ive stated we arent getting a Racing Version until 2010. Roush Racing has the new Focus coupe. So we will see what comes of it.THe Focus is getting some Racing version weather It’s a Roush or just a SVO noone is certain as of right now. Either way it will be on the Mazdaspeed3 power train.

personally… if I hadn’t just bought a Mustang I would be buying one of these. Good gas mileage and a fun car to drive. Plus I would have some money left over for mods.

ok i9m going to make a few calls tommorow and find out some things.

It has old school square foglights, and No hid hidlights, not to mention it looks like it weighs 2800lbs, yuck. Did I mention its a focus?..hheheheeh

I think it’s ugly… I am not a big fan of the hole blocky look. Thats just me…

heres some real world pics of the Focus ZX2 I still like it. yes it does look like other cars out there but it still has our lines at heart.

that’s not a hatch is it?

I’ll have to make sure and find it an snap pics like a mofo next Wednesday at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show which starts Saturday…

  • Darron

please do that

I’m with this guy.

Heres another real world pic. Do you see what i see.

rear disk standard. FTW

You know… it’s starting to look rather neat.

A little tall in the side panels, but it is a 2 door. That’s cool. I think I like it.

i don’t know… the back half of it looks too long to be a two door… kinda like the accord

Heres Fords new color choices for the 08 Focus.