New guy saying hi

Hello everyone, my name is Brandon and I recently got a black 2000 s/r. After driving my z and hearing about the mileage I get my dad had me find one for him for his upcoming commute of 170 miles a day. I was able to track down a red 98 5-speed that needs a little tlc (blinking service engine soon light, tune-up, rusty seat brackets, missing fog lights), but otherwise looks and drives great. I look forward to being a part of this community as well as teamzx2 when it comes back!

WElcome to ZX2ms. You’ll find the ppl on here are a close nit community.Very supportive in what ever your goals are on the ZX2. If you have questions just ask away


Welcome to this site. You will findout quick, if you haven’t already, that Zx2MS isn’t as cut throat as TeamZx2. Though I am a member of both, I prefer this forum.

Welcome. As Mirror, I too have accounts at both sites, but I rarely if ever get on Team. Too much extra non-sence. I can’t keep up with it. I like reading EVERYTHING and there’s too much traffic over there to do so.

Anyway! Enjoy the S/R and hope the 98 purchase works out well for your dad. You’ve already got a one up on a bunch of people by getting the S/R. Lots of stuff done factory. Fire the questions when you get 'em, we’ll field 'em best/fast as we can.

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Nice car! I saw a black s/r for sale around me just the other day! Where are you from if I might ask?

btw Welcome to zx2ms! Like both Mirror and Foos said you can find most of us on the other forums too however we spend most of our time here. Teamzx2 is definately more Cut-throat, we are more laid back!

Welcome to the site!! Enjoy your SR. Any questions, ask away!! :slight_smile:


Thanks to all for the friendly welcome! I am currently living in Detroit (and hate it) and I found the car on autotrader from a dealer who didnt know what he had. I was able to track down the source of the SES light on the 98, the code said something like cylinder 1 misfire and after some googling I checked the fuel injector #1 connection and sure enough it was loose!

And to everyone who hasnt been to team in a while, they have a very cool poll going on with rankings of hot girls (guys probably as well), might wanna check it out! :-o

Yea im also on team and one of those guys in the contest. lol

whats up brandonhgt, another michigan guy here? Im in annarbor.

Whats up dude. I just joined over here, but I’ve been on TeamZ for a loooong time. They both seem like pretty good sites.