New guage face

Ok so I got this for 14 bucks off of ebay, and I’m in need of some feedback.

The faces light up (didn’t get a picture of that thou). A downside of this setup is the “ON/OFF” button. I don’t think I can wire it to come on when I turn the headlights on as I’ve experimented using a 9 volt battery what would happen if I turn it on, cut the power then reconnect the power. The guages need an “on” command from the button. If anyone has any ideas how to get around that let me know.

My main question is where should I splice in the power?

I wonder if maybe you were to splice in the power to the actual dimmer wire (don’t know what it is). At that point you can get the switch to on…and leave it. It should work out for you.

  • Darron

Hmm, gonna have to search for that on the fuse box.

Don’t forget the signiture! :slight_smile: lol It seems to me that it would work, but I don’t know where to begin finding the proper wires. ZX2Fast would know I’m sure.

  • Darron

This maybe a really dumb question.

Do you really need to replace the back lighting? Pitch did a mod where they scrapped all the green out; then put red and blue in. I don’t believe he replaced the back light at all.

Click Here for mod

This is why I want to add this mod.

I like Pitch’s, its really nice, but I just love how this looks at night all lit up. Doing Pich’s mod would be feasable thou, since I have my other z.

Hmm. Perhaps I could do what Pitch did, then place this one BEHIND the other. No that wouldn’t work, the styles are different. But in thinking about it I would really like to have the normal face of this one I got in black, not white. Hmm…

My point was that they are just a panels that fits over the light. Can’t they just be swapped?

You guys are confusing! :wink: What pich did was replaced the green film on the backside of the factory gauges. This keeps the stock look during the day, but changes the stock green glow at night to…whatever color it was he used. Now, if you WANT the white face, then use what you have, if you don’t, then I would suggest doing what pich did.

  • Darron

These have their own lighting system, so day or night it will be different than the stock color. You can’t see it to good in the pic, but there is a cable that connects to each guage that runs off to a power line and what I’m guessing is a relay.

I know what he did, and that’s my point. Pitch did it to the factory gauges. The gauges are printed on a piece of thin plastic. If you take that off and swap it with the thin plastic Darth Maverick got with his kit, then you are only swapping that thin plastic. So no wiring needed.

If someone can tell me that the back-lighting is attached to the thin plastic of the gauges, I will retract my statement. It just seems like swapping the skins on your Nintendo DS or Xbox360; it’s still the same game system.

The luminosity of the white face gauges comes from the material they are made from, thus the transformer is needed to change the power supply from ac to dc (i might be backwards there). That is why they are wired together. The stock gauges are backlight with a bulb, which is seperate from the gauge face.

Pich’s mod worked because it used the stock gauges and replaced the stock colors with something else. This wont work with the white face gauges because they are not made to let light through. They are made to give off light.

Thanks Marc, you got to it before I could. That is exactly the difference. I’m just wondering which line to splice into now.

Oh, ok, I get it now. I didn’t realize that is was the gauges that lit up themselves and not through. That was the missing puzzle piece.

It would be DC–>AC in case you cared.